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Tech Tax Set to Dominate G7 Finance Ministers Meeting

A row over taxing tech giants is set to dominate a meeting of G7 finance ministers near Paris this week, with the world's leading industrialized nations already riven by disruptive US trade policies.

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Facebook's Libra Currency under Fire

Facebook's planned virtual unit Libra, already under heavy attack from U.S. President Donald Trump and global regulators, faces skepticism among the wider cryptocurrency community as well.

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Facebook Faces a $5B FTC Fine, the Largest Ever in Tech

At $5 billion, the fine the FTC is about to levy on Facebook is by far the largest it's given to a technology company, easily eclipsing the second largest, $22 million for Google in 2012.

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'Miss us?' Twitter Hit with Hour-Long Outage

"Miss us?" Twitter tweeted from its official account as the Great Twitter Outage wound down.

We did, apparently.

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France Passes Law Taxing Digital Giants in Defiance of U.S. Anger

France's parliament on Thursday passed a law making it the first major economy to impose a tax on digital giants, defying a probe ordered by an angry U.S. President Donald Trump that could trigger reprisal tariffs.

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Trump Can't Block Twitter Critics, Appeals Court Affirms

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that U.S. President Donald Trump cannot legally block users on Twitter based on their political differences with him, affirming a lower court decision.

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Monaco Rolls Out Huawei-Built 5G Network in European First

Monaco on Tuesday became the first country in Europe to inaugurate a next-generation 5G mobile phone network based on technology from Chinese firm Huawei, which is seen by the U.S. as a major security risk. 

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Cyber Attacks Cost $45 Billion in 2018 as Ransomware Hits Hard

An estimated two million cyber attacks in 2018 resulted in more than $45 billion in losses worldwide as local governments struggled to cope with ransomware and other malicious incidents, a study showed Tuesday.

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Instagram Rolls Out New Features to Counter Bullying with AI

Instagram will introduce new features aimed at curbing online bullying, the Facebook-owned platform announced Monday, as social media giants face increased scrutiny over the harassment faced by many users.

There have been growing calls around the world for greater oversight of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, amid widespread criticism over bullying, as well as the spread of hate speech and fake news.

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UK Regulator Looks into Amazon's Deliveroo Investment

Britain's competition authority said Friday it was looking into the acquisition by U.S. online giant Amazon of a stake in Deliveroo, an app-based service firm that delivers restaurant meals to clients using bicycle or moped riders.

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