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Trump Idea on Regulating Google 'Unfathomable'

His attacks on Google drew headlines, but President Donald Trump would face an impossible task if his administration tried to regulate the leading internet search engine and its news results.

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UK Plans Own Satellite System after Galileo Exclusion

Britain will invest in the possible creation of its own satellite-navigation system, the UK government announced Wednesday, after being excluded from the EU's Galileo program because of Brexit.

At the same time, London said it was continuing to negotiate with the European Union about remaining in the Galileo program.

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Robot Teachers Invade Chinese Kindergartens

The Chinese kindergarten children giggled as they worked to solve puzzles assigned by their new teaching assistant: a roundish, short educator with a screen for a face.

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When Cars Fly? Japan Wants Airborne Vehicles to Take Off

It might sound like pie in the sky, but Japan's government is banking on a future with flying cars, launching an initiative Wednesday with the private sector to develop futuristic vehicles.

The initiative aims to draw up a roadmap by the end of the year on commercializing flying cars, a concept that so far remains largely theoretical.

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U.N. Urges Facebook to 'Proactively' Fight Hate Speech

The U.N. human rights chief urged Facebook Wednesday to more proactively address hate speech but warned against excessive regulation, after U.S. President Donald Trump accused tech giants' platforms of bias against him.

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Move Over, Musk: Kalashnikov Unveils 'Electric Supercar'

Russian arms maker Kalashnikov has presented its new electric car inspired by a rare 1970s model, saying the new technology will rival Elon Musk's Tesla.

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Hackers Target Smartphones to Mine Cryptocurrencies

Has your smartphone suddenly slowed down, warmed up and the battery drained down for no apparent reason? If so, it may have been hijacked to mine cryptocurrencies.

This new type of cyberattack is called "cryptojacking" by security experts.

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India Calls for WhatApp Reforms after Lynchings

India on Tuesday called on WhatsApp to clamp down on fake news spread on the messaging app that has been blamed for lynchings across the vast South Asian country.

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Melania Trump Laments Cyber Bullying

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump renewed her campaign to tackle cyber bullying Monday, as her husband lit up the internet with a stream of invective against his perceived foes.

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Saudi Arabia Tests Japan-Inspired 'Nap Pods' for Hajj

Mansour al-Amer swipes a card to reveal a narrow sleep pod, reminiscent of Japan's famed capsule hotels. But this pod is in Saudi Arabia, where the Muslim hajj pilgrimage begins Sunday.

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