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How Facebook Stands to Profit from Its 'Privacy' Push

At first glance, Mark Zuckerberg's new "privacy-focused vision " for Facebook looks like a transformative mission statement from a CEO under pressure to reverse years of battering over its surveillance practices and privacy failures.

But critics say the announcement obscures Facebook's deeper motivations: To expand lucrative new commercial services, continue monopolizing the attention of users, develop new data sources to track people and frustrate regulators who might be eyeing a breakup of the social-media behemoth.

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Huawei Says No Legal Case against Australia, for Now

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei said Friday it had no immediate plans to mount a legal challenge over Australia's decision to bar the company's equipment from the 5G network Down Under. 

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Facebook's Privacy Move: Major Pivot or Headfake?

After building the world's biggest and most powerful social network in history, Mark Zuckerberg says the future of Facebook is something else.

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Canada Launches Extradition of Top Huawei Executive to U.S.

Canada on Friday launched the extradition of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou to the United States -- the latest move in a case that has roiled relations between the North American neighbors and China.

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As The Web Turns 30, Is It an 'Out-of-Control Monster'?

Thirty years ago this month, a young British software engineer working at a lab near Geneva invented a system for scientists to share information that would ultimately change humanity.

But three decades after he invented the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee has warned that his creation has been "hijacked by crooks" that may spell its destruction.

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Don't Panic: How Parents Can Deal with Internet Hoaxes

The latest parental panic on social media — over a purported challenge for kids to complete harmful tasks — elevates the importance of establishing an open dialogue with children and taking advantage of online parental controls.

Warnings about the "Momo challenge" swept Facebook and other social media in recent days, as parents worried about purported videos that encourage children to hurt themselves or do other harmful tasks such as turning on stoves without telling their parents. The parental warnings were accompanied by a disturbing image of a grinning creature with matted hair and bulging eyes.

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Two French Journalists Sacked after Online Bullying Scandal

Two French journalists were sacked Friday for their part in an online bullying scandal that has shaken the country's media, industry sources told AFP.

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Huawei Racks Up 5G Deals at Top Mobile Fair despite U.S. Pressure

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei racked up a slew of deals to sell 5G equipment at the world's top mobile fair in Spain despite Washington's campaign to convince its allies to bar the firm from their next-generation wireless networks.

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Facebook, Twitter Doing Too Little against Disinformation,

Facebook and Twitter are doing too little to scrutinise advertising placements on their sites in the runup to European Union elections in May, despite their pledges to fight disinformation, EU officials said Thursday.

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Egypt to Host Huawei's First MENA Cloud Platform

Egypt will host Chinese telecom company Huawei's first cloud data platform in the Middle East and North Africa, Egypt's telecom ministry said in a statement. 

"Huawei will create its own cloud computing through the data centre of Telecom Egypt", a statement by the ministry said Monday, referring to the North African country's state owned telecom company.

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