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Fans Ask Nintendo to Name 'Zelda' Character after Robin Williams

Robin Williams fans are asking Nintendo to name a character in the next installment of its popular "Legend of Zelda" series after the Oscar-winning actor, who died last week. 

There are more than 100,000 signatures on an online petition calling for the Japanese gaming giant to honor the renowned comedian and avid gamer, who appeared in numerous Nintendo commercials.

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Alibaba Film Unit Finds Possible Accounting Issues

The recently acquired film unit of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said Friday that a review has uncovered possible accounting irregularities.

The disclosure by Alibaba Pictures Group comes as its parent company readies for what's expected to be a mammoth initial public offering in New York next month.

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Hitchhiking Robot Charms its Way Across Canada

He has dipped his boots in Lake Superior, crashed a wedding and attended an Aboriginal powwow. A talking, bucket-bodied robot has enthralled Canadians since it departed from Halifax last month on a hitchhiking journey to the Pacific coast.

HitchBOT, created by team of Ontario-based communication researchers studying the relationship between people and technology, will reach its final destination Sunday in Victoria, British Columbia, where it will receive a traditional aboriginal canoe greeting at Victoria Harbor.

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Yahoo Brushes Up Its E-Commerce for Small Business

Yahoo announced Thursday the relaunch of its e-commerce platform, which allows small businesses to easily set up online retailing.

The new Yahoo Stores system, said a company blog post, allows users to "turn your idea into a business in less than two minutes."

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First Target, Now Albertsons SuperValu are Hacked

The U.S. retail chain Albertsons, which has 1,060 department stores in the United States, and its former owner SuperValu say their computer systems have been raided by hackers seeking credit card data.

Both companies acknowledged the intrusion in statements released overnight Thursday.

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Web Marketer Stands Trial amid China Crackdown

The founder of a web marketing company has pleaded guilty to helping delete Internet posts and spreading false information to make money and gain followers, Chinese media reported Friday, using the case to praise a government crackdown on online expression.

Yang Xiuyu, 41, is accused of making up information to lure followers on Sina Weibo's microblogging site, the official Xinhua News Agency said, adding that the court had yet to announce a sentence.

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Market Sours on King Digital as Candy Crush Sags

Shares of King Digital Entertainment plummeted to an all-time closing low Wednesday as the British videogame developer's earnings suggested diminishing consumer taste for signature game Candy Crush Saga. 

King Digital sank 23.1 percent to $13.99 following second-quarter results that Deutsche Bank described as a "crushing disappointment."

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Intel to Use 'Big Data' to Battle Parkinson's Disease

U.S. computing giant Intel announced Wednesday it was joining an effort to battle Parkinson's disease with new big data and wearable technologies to improve research and treatment.

Intel said it would work with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research -- created by the "Back to the Future" Canadian-American actor -- on the effort to fight the neurodegenerative brain disease second only to Alzheimer's in worldwide prevalence. 

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Electric Cars Fail to Rev Up Car-Mad Germans

Germans are mad about cars and Germany is ranked the most fuel-efficient country on the planet, but when it comes to electric vehicles, Europe's top economy is in the slow lane.

And moves by the government last week to try to jump-start public interest in the technology are unlikely to change much, experts say.

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Role Reversal as African Technology Expands in Europe

Africans have long used technology developed abroad, but now a Kenyan cash transfer network which bypasses banks is being adopted in Europe.

The M-Pesa mobile money transfer system which allows clients to send cash with their telephones has transformed how business is done in east Africa, and is now spreading to Romania.

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