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Cyberattacks to Worsen in 2015: McAfee Researchers

A series of spectacular cyberattacks drew headlines this year, and the situation will only worsen in 2015 as hackers use more advanced techniques to infiltrate networks, security researchers said Tuesday.

McAfee Labs' 2015 Threats Predictions report sees increased cyber-warfare and espionage, along with new strategies from hackers to hide their tracks and steal sensitive data.

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Facebook Boosts Search on Mobile, Desktop

Facebook said Monday it is rolling out upgraded search capabilities for mobile and desktop users who want to find favorite posts from their friends on the huge social network.

"You've told us the most important thing is being able to find posts you've seen before, and now you can," said Facebook vice president Tom Stocky in a blog post.

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Amazon Warns it Could Take Drones Testing Elsewhere

Amazon, keen to blaze a trail with delivery by drone, is threatening to take much of its research for the plan outside the United States amid frustrations with U.S. regulators.

"In the absence of a timely approval by the FAA to conduct outdoor testing, we have begun utilizing outdoor testing facilities outside the United States," Amazon vice president Paul Misener said in a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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Twitter Blocks Account of Pakistani Islamist Leader

A Pakistani Islamist group designated a terror outfit by the U.N. angrily accused the Indian media Monday of pressuring Twitter into blocking the account of its leader.

Attempts to access the Twitter page of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, chief of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) group alleged to have been behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks, resulted in a message saying the account had been suspended.

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Internet Giants wage war on pop-up ad blockers

Imagine being able to surf the web and watch videos online without having to swat away pesky pop-up ads?

These days you can, thanks to small programs like Adblock Plus that are available free for download and that arm your browser to defend against ads.

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Hackers Threaten Sony Staff in New Email

Sony Pictures staff received a threatening email Friday claiming to be from the hackers who breached the entertainment giant's computer network, reportedly with warnings that they and their families were "in danger."

The email from a group calling itself Guardians of Peace (GOP) also warned that "all hope will leave you and Sony Pictures will collapse," according to the industry journal Variety.

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Steve Jobs Gives Posthumous Testimony in Apple Trial

Three years after the tech world mourned his passing, Apple mastermind Steve Jobs was back from the dead Friday giving posthumous testimony in a video at a U.S. antitrust trial.

Jurors in an Oakland court have been submerged since the beginning of the week in a debate over whether consumers who bought Apple's iPod between 2006 and 2009 were effectively forced to purchase their music from the California titan's online iTunes store.

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Internet in Cuba Only for the Rich -- or Resourceful

With their smartphones and tablet computers, they look much like young people anywhere in the world.

But these Cubans have to go to extremes just to get an Internet connection and somehow get around the strict control of the Communist authorities.

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Beacons Pop Up in Stores ahead of Holidays

From American Eagle to Apple Stores, beacons are popping up everywhere. Are they a shopper's best friend or another pesky Big Brother monitoring our every move?

The square or rectangular devices, smaller than a smartphone, can hang on a wall or be placed on a machine and communicate with your phone via Bluetooth signals. Accessed through apps you download to your smartphone, beacon technology can do everything from guide you to the correct airport terminal to turn on your coffee maker as you sleepily enter the kitchen. In retail, beacons aim to entice you to spend money. As you enter a store, your smartphone might light up with a sale alert. Stand in the dress section for a while and a coupon may pop up for something on a nearby hanger.

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Mickey & Math: Disney Unveils Learning Apps

Disney unveiled a portfolio of learning apps for young children on Thursday, harnessing the appeal of iconic characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy to subjects like math, science, creative arts and languages.

The entertainment giant said its "Disney Imagicademy" aims to expose three to eight-year-old children to core educational concepts via a curriculum developed in conjunction with academic and education experts.

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