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MENA Games Conference Launched as Beirut Poised to Become Region’s Digital Development Hub

Under the patronage and with the presence of Minister of Telecommunication, Butros Harb, a press conference was held at the Ministry of Telecommunication Wednesday to announce the launching of The Middle East and North Africa’s Online, Mobile and Console Games Conference and Exhibition, MENA Games 2015, set to be organized by International Fairs and Promotions (IFP) Group at Mar Mikhael historical train station in Beirut on March 26 and 27 with the official support of Alfa.

Starting from the promising prospects in the digital market in Lebanon and the region, Harb noted that “the ICT sector in Lebanon is among the fastest growing in the world, with the number of SME’s operating in the sector reaching 800 companies that employ around 5,000 highly specialized developers.

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Facebook Claims 2 Million Advertisers

Facebook said Tuesday it has boosted the number of advertisers on the social network to two million as it launched a mobile app for those managing their commercial pitches.

Dan Levy, Facebook's vice president for global marketing and small business, said the number of advertisers has doubled over the past year and a half.

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Google Blogger Removes Sexually Explicit Content

Google said Tuesday it would ban sexually explicit content or "graphic nudity" on its Blogger platform, asking users to remove the material by March 23.

The move came the same day the online forum Reddit said it would take steps to curb the posting of stolen or unauthorized nude photos.

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Facebook: Internet Access Limited in Developing World

Most people in the developing world do not use the Internet, with access limited by high costs, poor availability and a lack of relevant content, a Facebook report said Tuesday.

Facebook, which carried out the study through its initiative that aims to boost connectivity around the world, said the rate of growth on the Internet is slowing.

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Sony Pictures Names New Head of Movie Group

Sony Pictures Entertainment on Tuesday named Tom Rothman as new chairman of its motion picture group, a major move after a massive cyberattack devastated the entertainment giant.

Rothman will succeed Amy Pascal, who said earlier this month she was stepping down in the wake of the hack. 

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Apple Emoji Go Racially Diverse

Smiley emoji, sad emoji, hearts emoji, and now, for the first time, racially diverse emoji.

Apple is preparing to release non-white faces in its line-up of the cartoon faces used to liven up text and email messages, news reports said.

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Fierce Battle Looms on U.S. 'Open Internet' Rules

U.S. regulators meet Thursday to vote on rules aimed at heading off Internet "fast lanes," although it may not be the end of a years-long battle.

The "net neutrality" rules which seek to guarantee equal access to all online services are likely to spark fresh challenges in court and efforts in Congress to nullify or revamp the plan.

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Toyota Unveils Fuel-Cell Car Assembly Line

Toyota President Akio Toyoda on Tuesday unveiled the assembly line that is making the first mass market fuel-cell car.

The world's biggest carmaker plans to produce 700 units of the four-door Mirai sedan -- powered by hydrogen and emitting nothing but water vapor from its tailpipe -- by the end of December.

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Japan's Robear: Strength of a Robot, Face of a Bear

Forget the frightening androids of dystopian sci-fi, the future of robots is cute polar bears that can lift elderly people into and out of bed.

The "Robear" has a cub-like face with big doey eyes, but packs enough power to transfer frail patients from a wheelchair to a bed or a bath, Japan's Riken institute said Tuesday.

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Video Games Flow with the Pints at London's e-Sport Pub

It's Saturday night at a busy pub in north London, and the crowd is packed around the bar cheering and shouting at a large screen. It's not showing sport, but a video game.

There is no telltale sign on the grey front of the building, just its name "Meltdown" and the muffled bass of Bob Marley's "Get up, stand up" which makes the windows vibrate gently.

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