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Google Removes Afghan Taliban Smartphone App

Google has removed a Taliban smartphone app from its online store, the U.S. Internet giant said Monday, countering the tech-savvy Afghan militant group's increasing efforts to boost global visibility.

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Amazon Makes Foray into Fashion World

Amazon has been making moves over the past few months to position itself as a force in the ready-to-wear fashion world.

The Seattle-based online retail titan has already revolutionized how consumers shop and has been selling clothes for more than a decade.

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Hamas Slams Twitter for Closing Its Accounts

The Palestinian militant group Hamas lashed out at Twitter on Friday, after the social media giant allegedly closed a number of its accounts.

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Grieving Father Begs Apple, Enlists Hackers over Dead Son's iPhone

A grieving father in Italy has written to Apple's chief executive Tim Cook to beg him to unblock his dead son's iPhone so he can retrieve the photographs stored on it.

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Apple at 40: Stronger than Ever as Trend-Setter

Apple celebrates its 40th anniversary this week at the top of its game, as the Silicon Valley legend that sprang out of Steve Jobs' garage to reshape modern life with its trend-setting gadgets.

Jobs, the late tech-savvy marketing genius, and Steve Wozniak, who invented the Apple computer, helped revolutionize how people use technology, and formed what would become the world's largest corporation with an eye-popping $53 billion in annual profits.

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'Anonymous' Cyber-Attack Hits Angola Govt. after Activists Jailed

A Portuguese branch of the Anonymous hacking collective says it has shut down about 20 Angolan government websites in retaliation for the jailing of 17 youth activists for plotting "rebellion."

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Witness: Chinese High-Rollers Moved Stolen Bangladesh Millions to Philippine Casinos

Two Chinese men were responsible for moving $81 million stolen by hackers from Bangladesh's foreign reserves into Philippine casinos, an inquiry in Manila heard on Tuesday.

Following the heist, the millions stolen from the Bangladesh central bank's American accounts on February 5 were immediately sent via electronic transfer to a Philippine bank.

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FBI Hacks Terror Attacker's iPhone, Drops Apple Suit

The FBI has unlocked the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terror attackers, officials said Monday, ending a heated legal standoff with Apple that had pitted US authorities against Silicon Valley.

Apple, backed by a broad coalition of technology giants like Google and Facebook, was fiercely opposed to assisting the U.S. government in unlocking the iPhone on grounds it would have wide-reaching implications on digital security and privacy.

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Samsung Follows Apple with Launch in China of Mobile Payment

South Korea's Samsung Tuesday announced the launch of its mobile payment service in China, where it is likely to struggle in an already crowded market that arch-rival Apple entered nearly six weeks ago.

The world's second largest economy is also the world's biggest smartphone market, and Samsung Pay has a powerful partner in China -- bank card provider UnionPay -- which has links to the central bank.

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Yahoo Sets Deadline for Buyers to Present Preliminary Bids

Yahoo Inc. has given prospective buyers until April 11 to present preliminary offers for some of its assets, the Wall Street Journal reported late Monday.

In letters to potential suitors, the troubled Internet company asked them what assets they were interested in, how they would finance such acquisitions and what terms would have to be met on their end, the newspaper said, quoting people familiar with the matter.

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