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Hacking the Hackers? U.S. Spy Agency at Center of Apparent Breach

The U.S. National Security Agency, which gained international notoriety in 2013 after Edward Snowden revealed its data snooping techniques, has itself become the target of an apparent data breach.

Mysterious hackers calling themselves the "Shadow Brokers" leaked online what appears to be classified NSA computer code.

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In Violence-Racked Venezuela, Pokemon Go as Protest

When Cristian Fragoza takes to the streets of Caracas hunting the virtual monsters of Pokemon Go, he knows the risks he's running are real -- his cell phone, and maybe even his life.

But the 18-year-old philosophy student says playing the augmented reality game is a form of protest against the violent crime that has made Venezuela one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

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Iran to Allow iPhone Imports

Iran is preparing to allow local companies to import iPhones for the first time to try to curb the huge market in smuggled Apple products, state media reported Thursday.

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Snapchat "Yellow Face" Lens Slapped as Offensive

Vanishing message app Snapchat made a photo lens quickly disappear after an online uproar branding it an offensive stereotype of Asians worthy of the label "Yellow Face."

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After German Attacks, Facebook Insists it Works with Probes

Facebook on Monday dismissed complaints by German officials that it had not been helpful in fighting terrorism and urged authorities to better formulate their requests.

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Head of Google's Self-Driving Car Effort Hits the Road

The chief technology officer for Google's self-driving car mission announced Friday he would be hitting the road, and that the day marked his last at the company.

Roboticist Chris Urmson said in a blog post that after leading the autonomous car team and helping make the leap from research to development, he is "ready for a fresh challenge."

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Samsung's New Jumbo Phone Unlocks with Iris Scanner

You'll be able to unlock Samsung's new phone by just looking at it.

The Galaxy Note 7 will come with an iris scanner, which matches patterns in your eyes with what was detected by your phone during setup. It offers an alternative to fingerprint ID, which doesn't work well when fingers are wet. Of course, the four-digit passcode will still work.

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Instagram Adds Everyday 'Stories' in Snapchat Spin

Instagram on Tuesday put its own spin on a key Snapchat feature by letting users post "Stories" that eventually vanish from the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing application.

Instagram Stories encourages people to share ephemeral collages of everyday moments with friends at a service that has built a reputation as a social network where people post highlights from their lives or artistic works.

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Instagram Ramps Up Fight against Harassment

Instagram on Monday said that is adding a new weapon for fighting harassment at the popular mobile app for sharing pictures and videos.

The Facebook-owned social network began letting some celebrities and others with accounts that attract torrents of feedback filter those comments by keywords or even turn off the option to comment on particular posts.

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New York Bars Sex Offenders from Pokemon Go

It's the smartphone game electrifying the world but New York took steps Monday to ban sex offenders from using the app to potentially prey on child victims.

The game, developed by U.S.-based software company Niantic, a spinoff of Google, has been downloaded more than 75 million times across the United States and has gone viral across the world.

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