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Apple Removes New York Times App from China Store

Apple has removed the New York Times from its China app store, the tech giant said, after authorities told the company the app breached regulations.

The US newspaper said both its English- and Chinese-language apps were pulled late last month, blocking one of the few remaining channels for readers in China to access its reports.

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Global Launch by Huawei of New Mid-Range Smartphone

Chinese electronics giant Huawei announced Tuesday a global launch of its mid-range Honor 6x smartphone which includes dual-lens camera technology and is aimed at young consumers.

The smartphone, which was launched in China last year, will be available in 13 new markets this month, including the United States, at a price of $249 to $299, the company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in las Vegas.

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Tech Show Looks Beyond 'Smart,' to New 'Realities'

The mega-extravaganza of the tech world in Las Vegas is showcasing an array of new devices that get smarts from computer chips, sensors and artificial intelligence, but go further by opening doors to augmented or virtual realities.

The Consumer Electronics Show, which begins with a series of media events Tuesday will offer trade professionals a look at new robotics, connected cars and a dizzying assortment of gizmos from connected sneakers to drones.

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Trump Regrets Complications in 'Age of Computer'

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump lamented complications from "the age of computer" Wednesday, as he responded to questions about Russia's alleged hacking of the U.S. election.

Asked about possible sanctions against Moscow, Trump said "I think we ought to get on with our lives," before waxing lyrical about the impact of computing technology.

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Pokemon Go, Trump Top Google Trend List

The past year was a big one for Donald Trump, but also for Pokemon Go.

According to Google's global trends report released Wednesday, the augmented reality game from Nintendo was the most-searched item online in 2016.

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OSCE Confirms 'Major' Cyber Attack

International observer body the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) confirmed Wednesday being the victim of a "major" cyber attack.

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Facebook Safety Check Triggers False Bangkok Bomb Scare

Facebook sparked fear -- and anger -- among Thailand's social media users after its Safety Check feature triggered a false bomb alert in Bangkok.

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Smartphone-Obsessed Finns Rank Tops in Screen Time

On the crowded morning metro in Helsinki, silence prevails. Everyone is hunched over their smartphone screens, reading the news, checking emails or watching videos.

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Israel Ministers Approve Bill to Remove Online 'Incitement'

Israeli ministers have approved a bill that would allow a court to order sites such as Facebook and YouTube to remove material found to be "incitement," which they say contributes to Palestinian violence.

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Egypt Blocks Encrypted Messaging App

Egypt has blocked the encrypted messaging service Signal used by many activists and journalists in the country, the company that owns the app said.

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