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Tablet Market Shrinks as Demand Grows for Hybrids

The tablet market shrank in the recently-ended quarter, as shipments of bargain-priced computers with detachable screens hit a record high, according to market analysis firm International Data Corporation.

Tablet makers shipped 43 million units in the quarter, down 14.7 percent from the number shipped in the same period a year earlier, according to an IDC global quarterly report.

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Hitting Back at Hackers: Debate Swirls on How Far to Go

After a seemingly endless barrage of cyberattacks, debate is heating up on hitting back at hackers where it hurts.

Amid calls for ways to punish and deter hackers without sparking a so-called "cyber war," a panel of experts assembled by the George Washington University Center for Cyber and Homeland Security said in a report Monday that US policies should be eased to allow "active defense" measures by both the government and private sector.

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Samsung Says Note 7 Probe Open to 'All Possibilities'

Samsung on Thursday acknowledged technical problems that killed off its Galaxy Note 7 may extend beyond its battery, and vowed an ongoing probe would examine all elements of the flagship smartphone.

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Apple Profit Slips, but Gains in Services

Apple's quarterly profit slumped on a widely expected drop in iPhone sales, but gains in  services offered some optimism on its move to ease dependence on its smartphone.

The company said Tuesday that profit fell 19 percent to $9 billion in the fiscal quarter ending September 24. Revenue fell nine percent to $46.9 billion from $51.5 billion a year earlier.

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Samsung's Prestige Takes Another Hit over Lawsuit

A South Korean law firm said Tuesday that it expected thousands more people to join a class action lawsuit seeking compensation from Samsung over its combusting Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

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Twitter, Amazon, Other Top Websites Shut in Cyber Attack

Major internet services including Twitter, Spotify and Amazon suffered service interruptions and outages on Friday as a U.S. internet provider came under a cyber attack.

The internet service company Dyn, which routes and manages internet traffic, said that it had suffered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on its domain name service shortly after 1100 GMT.

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iPhone7 Hits Korean Stores in Note 7's Absence

The Apple iPhone 7 went on sale in South Korea on Friday, seeking to fill a void left by arch-rival Samsung on its home turf following a damaging recall fiasco over the Note 7 smartphone.

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Germany Warns Facebook of Penalties over Online Hate Speech

A senior German politician said Friday that social media giants like Facebook should face penalties if they fail to tackle hate speech, after a surge in xenophobic comments linked to the migrant influx.

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Samsung's Smartphone Brand Takes Beating from Note 7 Fiasco

The fiasco of Samsung's fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphones — and Samsung's stumbling response to the problem — has left consumers from Shanghai to New York reconsidering how they feel about the South Korean tech giant and its products.

Samsung Electronics said Tuesday it would stop making the Note 7 for good, after first recalling some devices and then recalling their replacements, too. Now, like the makers of Tylenol, Ford Pintos and other products that faced crises in the past, it must try to restore its relationship with customers as it repairs the damage to its brand.

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Samsung Declares Total Halt to Note 7 Production over Exploding Batteries

Samsung on Tuesday pulled the final plug on its troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, permanently discontinuing production of the flagship device that has been mired in a disastrous recall over exploding batteries.

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