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Seat Back Pad Lets Gamers Feel Blasts

Zach Jaffe wants to players to be so immersed in action games that they feel each blast vibrate through their very being.

He was at the premier Electronic Entertainment Expo video game show in Los Angeles offering a new way to make that happen.

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Warner Unveils Physical-to-Virtual Lego Dimensions Game at E3

Warner Bros. this week showed off Lego Dimensions, its latest videogame that mixes real-life toy play with digital gaming. 

Unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade gathering in Los Angeles, the new game comprises Lego figurines from a range of film franchises including "Batman" and "Back to the Future."

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Oculus out to Let People Touch Virtual Worlds

Behind closed doors on the show floor of the world's premier video game show, Facebook-owned Oculus was letting people touch virtual worlds.

Oculus provided a select few with an early peek at how it is trying to tackle the challenge of letting people intuitively interact with faux objects in fantasy realms.

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U.S. Agencies Face Uphill Battle for Tech Talent

The U.S. government agencies that defend the nation are in the midst of a charm offensive -- trying to win over the hearts and minds of Silicon Valley's tech workers.

The move is evoking considerable skepticism from the U.S. tech community.

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YouTube Plays to Video Game Loving Viewers

YouTube is wading confidently into turf dominated by Amazon-owned Twitch, with a service tailored for the hot trend of videogame play as a spectator sport.

The globally popular online video-sharing service provided industry insiders an early look at YouTube Gaming at an Electronic Entertainment Expo extravaganza that ends Thursday in Los Angeles.

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Microsoft Shuffles Leadership Team

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is shuffling his top management team, announcing the departure of former Nokia boss Stephen Elop and three other top executives.

Elop had left Microsoft once before to run Nokia, then returned when Microsoft bought the Finnish company's smartphone business for $7.5 billion last year. Analysts said his departure now is a sign that Microsoft is rethinking its approach to the phone business, where it has struggled to make a profit despite recent layoffs and other spending cuts.

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The Ever-Evolving Cyber Threat to Planes

Hackers and cyber-terrorists present an ever-evolving threat to airlines, with experts constantly testing for new vulnerabilities -- including the fear that drones could be used to throw a plane off course.

Most agree hacking a plane would be a near-impossible feat, but some professional hackers have claimed airline computer systems are riddled with weaknesses that could allow someone to break in, perhaps even through the in-flight entertainment system.

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$100M Donated to Build New Tech Campus in New York

The charity foundation of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is donating $100 million to Cornell University to build a new high-tech campus in the city.

Cornell Tech, a graduate school at the prestigious Cornell University, was breaking ground for its new campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City on Tuesday. Its first academic building will be called the Bloomberg Center in honor of Bloomberg's daughters Emma and Georgina.

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Motorbike-hailing App Revs up in Traffic-choked Jakarta

A popular motorbike-hailing app is putting a new, two-wheeled spin on smartphone taxi services in the Indonesian capital, with thousands of motorcyclists in distinctive green jackets and helmets offering commuters an escape from Jakarta's notorious traffic gridlock.

Go-Jek is an Indonesian start-up that has won widespread praise, as well as triggering aggressive competition from other businesses already fighting for a stake in the market.

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Console Kings Battle with Grand Games and Virtual Worlds

Console kings Microsoft and Sony battled for players' hearts with blockbuster games and the lure of virtual worlds as the Electronic Entertainment Expo was poised begin in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The companies behind Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) consoles staged flashy media events where they showed off dizzying action games and spotlighted exclusive content.

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