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Australia Uses YouTube, Facebook to Curb Human Smuggling

Australia's government plans to post video on YouTube and Facebook of the first group of asylum seekers sent to Malaysia under a pact between the countries to swap refugees, in an attempt to deter others from taking dangerous boat journeys to Australia.

Releasing video of the asylum seekers at Christmas Island — an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean — boarding a plane, and arriving in Malaysia will help raise awareness of Australia's new policy, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said Tuesday.

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Siemens and Power Machines Plan Russian Gas Venture

The German industrial group Siemens said Monday it will form a joint venture focused on gas turbines with the Russian firm Power Machines, as Siemens moves away from nuclear energy activities.

A Siemens statement said it would own 65 percent of a joint entity, and would in exchange give back a stake of 25 percent plus one share that it owns in Power Machines to the firm's dominant shareholder, Highstat.

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Internet Archivist Seeks 1 of Every Book Written

Tucked away in a small warehouse on a dead-end street, an Internet pioneer is building a bunker to protect an endangered species: the printed word.

Brewster Kahle, 50, founded the nonprofit Internet Archive in 1996 to save a copy of every Web page ever posted. Now the MIT-trained computer scientist and entrepreneur is expanding his effort to safeguard and share knowledge by trying to preserve a physical copy of every book ever published.

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Music Service Spotify in Patent Infringement Suit

Digital music service Spotify, which recently arrived in the U.S., has been sued by music and video streaming software maker PacketVideo for allegedly violating a patent it holds for digital music distribution.

In court documents filed this week in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of California, PacketVideo said it believes Spotify's free and paid music-streaming service violates its patent for a "device for the distribution of music in digital form." The patent covers methods for streaming copyright-protected music from a central device over data networks.

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Video Ceators Look for Bigger Audiences at VidCon

At a weekend conference for online video, one might expect cute puppies or unlucky skateboarders to be in attendance. Perhaps a "Twilight" cast member or teenage viral video star Rebecca Black would be there?

Yet none of the above is present, though one panel — "I Got This, You Got This, Now You Know It" — is named after a lyric from Black's viral music video sensation "Friday."

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Extremists Flocking to Facebook for Recruits

When the English Defense League sprang to life two years ago, it had fewer than 50 members — a rough-and-tumble bunch of mostly white guys shouting from a street corner about what they viewed as uncontrolled Muslim immigration.

Now, the far-right group mentioned by confessed Norway gunman Anders Behring Breivik as an inspiration says its ranks have swollen to more than 10,000 people, a spectacular rise its leaders attribute to the immense global power of Facebook and other social networking sites.

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Apple, Samsung Overtake Nokia in Smartphone Market

Apple and Samsung have overtaken long-time leader Nokia for the top two spots in the global Smartphone market, a report said Friday, underscoring the Finnish handset maker's ongoing struggles.

U.S.-based research firm Strategy Analytics said the U.S. and Korean Smartphone makers outpaced Nokia in the second quarter, with the sector posting record quarterly shipments of 110 million units, or a 76.3 percent year-on-year rise.

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Alleged Hacking Attack Hits Internet Users

The personal information of about 35 million Internet users in South Korea was stolen in an alleged hacking attack that originated in China, officials said Thursday.

Hackers purportedly attacked popular Internet and social media sites Nate and Cyworld earlier this week, stealing data such as social security numbers and email addresses, the Korea Communications Commission said in a statement.

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Netflix Users Connecting with Game Consoles

Half of all Netflix users connect to the popular U.S. video streaming service using a game console, according to a survey published on Wednesday.

The Nielsen survey looked at the viewing behavior of users of Netflix and Hulu, a website owned by Disney, NBC Universal and News Corp which offers movies and television shows on demand.

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Handset Makers Get Windows Phone Update 'Mango'

Microsoft on Tuesday made the latest version of its mobile phone software available to handset partners as it seeks to claw back market share from Apple and Google.

The Redmond, Washington-based personal computer software powerhouse said the update to its Windows Phone operating system, code-named "Mango," features over 500 new features and faster browsing with Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).

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