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Google Applies for China Mapping Licence

Google and its joint venture partner in China have applied for a license to operate an online mapping service in the world's biggest web market, a report said Tuesday.

The State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping was reviewing the application from Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co., which operates Google's mapping service in China, Dow Jones Newswires said, citing an official.

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Hackers Breach U.S. Senate Website

A shadowy group of hackers behind a string of recent cyber attacks claimed on Monday to have breached the U.S. Senate website and taken internal data.

The Senate Sergeant at Arms, which is responsible for congressional security, confirmed there had been an intrusion into the server hosting the public website,, but said no sensitive information was compromised.

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Humor, Satire at Webby Awards

Humor, online hits and social good blended at The Webby Awards -- the Internet industry's version of Hollywood's Oscars.

Addictive game Angry Birds along with the inventor of the mobile phone were among those honored late Monday at a ceremony known for testing winners' creativity by limiting acceptance speeches to five words.

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New 'MacBook Air' To Hit Market This Month

The latest model of Apple's ultra-light MacBook Air is scheduled to hit the market by the end of this month, media in the computer manufacturing hub of Taiwan reported on Tuesday.

The first shipment of the next-generation MacBook Air -- the thinnest line of Apple's notebook computers, holding a hard drive and disc player -- will be 380,000 units, the Taipei-based Economic Daily News said.

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Swiss Solar-Powered Plane Set for Second Cross-Border flight

Swiss solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse will make its second international flight from Brussels to Paris on Saturday, where it will be showcased at an international air show.

The pioneering aircraft is expected to take off between 1200 and 1600 GMT in Brussels and land around 2200 GMT at the earliest at Le Bourget near Paris, its press office said Friday, after several delays due to unfavorable weather conditions.

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Electronic Arts Merging Big Games, Gadgets

U.S. videogame publishing titan Electronic Arts is merging blockbuster titles with social play, popular new gadgets and downloadable content in a changing world of interactive entertainment.

"Historically, as a publisher, you developed a game, packed it on a disk, shipped it and then started work on your next game," said EA vice president and managing director of Southern Europe Pascal Brochier.

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No New 'Drunk Driving' Apps for Apple

Apple, in a move hailed by a group of U.S. senators, has agreed not to allow any new iPhone applications in the App Store that identify police drunk-driving checkpoints.

Senators Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Frank Lautenberg and Tom Udall urged Apple, Blackberry maker Research In Motion and Google in March to ban Smartphone applications that could help intoxicated drivers avoid police.

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Facebook Tests Real-Time Update Feature

Facebook on Friday said it is dabbling with a Twitter-like feature that alerts members in real time to what their friends are up to on the social network.

The feature, reportedly called "Happening Now," is being tried by a "fraction of a percent" of Facebook's more than 600 million members, according to the world's leading online social network.

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Hackers Nab Card Data From 200,000 Citi Customers

Citigroup Inc. has become the latest victim in a string of high-profile data thefts by hackers targeting some of the world's best-known companies.

The New York bank said Thursday that about 200,000 Citibank credit card customers in North America had their names, account numbers and email addresses stolen by hackers who broke into Citi's online account site.

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Apple Aims to Build New Spaceship-Like Campus

Apple is hoping to break ground next year on a new campus designed to house 12,000 workers in a building that resembles a huge spaceship.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs argued for the new campus in Cupertino, California in a personal appearance on Tuesday before the city council, which later posted a video of his presentation on its website,

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