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Hariri: We Hope to See Lebanon among Leading Countries in Technology

Prime Minister Saad Hariri delivered a speech Tuesday during the launching ceremony of “Ogero’s New Vision” held at the Grand Serail, saying he hopes to see Lebanon among the leading countries in technology in the near future.

“The work of Ogero is essential in the country. The existence of broadband, fiber optic and all the projects that establish a new economy and build a better future for our children is the basis for me. Today we are in an era totally connected to technology, and in any country we visit, whether in Europe, Asia or America, we see that this technology is the most attractive sector for investment because it creates job opportunities for all, young and old,” Hariri said.

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UK Judges Block U.S. Extradition of Alleged Hacker Lauri Love

British judges on Monday rejected a U.S. request for the extradition of a man accused of hacking into thousands of U.S. government computers in a ruling that could set a precedent for similar pending cases.

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Third Time Lucky for Another Samsung Leader

Samsung heir Lee Jae-Yong on Monday became the third generation of his family to benefit from merciful legal treatment, when most of his bribery convictions were set aside and his jail sentence was replaced with a suspended term.

Lee, 49, is vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, the world's largest smartphone maker and the flagship of the Samsung Group founded by his grandfather in 1938. 

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Facebook in French Court for 'Censoring' 19th-Century Vagina Painting

How should Facebook decide what's art and what's pornography? The question comes to a head in a French court case Thursday with the social network accused of censoring a 19th-century painting of a woman's genitals.

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Facebook Bans Ads for Cryptocurrencies

Facebook says it is banning all ads related to cryptocurrencies in an effort to fight scams.

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Facebook to Deliver More Local News to US Users

Facebook said Monday it has decided to deliver more local news to US users, in its latest effort to manage the flow of information on the enormously-influential social network.

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Soros to Google and Facebook: 'Your Days are Numbered'

Billionaire investor George Soros launched a scathing attack on tech giants at the Davos summit on Thursday, calling them monopolies that could be manipulated by authoritarians to subvert democracy.

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Facebook Can't Be Hit with Class Action Suit in EU, Court Says

An Austrian activist cannot bring a class action against Facebook for privacy breaches, although he is allowed to sue the US social media giant on a personal basis in his home country, the EU's top court ruled Thursday. 

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Facebook Admits Social Media Threat to Democracy

Facebook acknowledged Monday that the explosion of social media poses a potential threat to democracy, pledging to tackle the problem head-on and turn its powerful platform into a force for "good."

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Microsoft to Open 4 Data Centers in France

Microsoft is to open four data storage centres in France to meet strong customer demand for cloud computing, the head of the software giant's French operations told AFP on Tuesday.

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