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Google Parent Alphabet Hit by Rising Costs

Google parent Alphabet reported quarterly earnings beating Wall Street expectations on Monday, but shares slipped, with investors apparently focused on rising costs at the technology giant.

Alphabet reported a profit of $8.9 billion in the fourth quarter on revenue that was up 22 percent to $39.3 billion from the same period a year earlier.

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Facebook Takes Down Vast Iran-Led Manipulation Campaign

Facebook said Thursday it took down hundreds of accounts from Iran that were part of a vast manipulation campaign operating in more than 20 countries.

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2018 'Worst Year Ever' for Smartphone Market

Global smartphone sales saw their worst contraction ever in 2018, and the outlook for 2019 isn't much better, new surveys show.

Worldwide handset volumes declined 4.1 percent in 2018 to a total of 1.4 billion units shipped for the full year, according to research firm IDC, which sees a potential for further declines this year.

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Report: Facebook Paid Users to Track Smartphone Use

Facebook paid users, including teens, to track their smartphone activity as part of an effort to glean more data that could help the social network's competition efforts, according to a new report that may raise fresh privacy concerns.

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Trust Trumps Money for Facebook with Earnings Due

Winning back trust is seen as the key priority for Facebook as the world's biggest social network readies its update on the final months of 2018 on Wednesday.

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Huawei: What You Need to Know

Chinese tech giant Huawei overtook Apple to become the second-largest smartphone seller in the world in 2018.

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iPhone FaceTime Bug Lets Callers Eavesdrop

A newly discovered FaceTime bug lets people hear and even see those they are reaching out to on iPhones even if the other person hasn't answered their phone.

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Race for 'Hypersonic' Weapons Heats Up as France Joins Fray

World powers are vying to develop so-called "hypersonic" weapons that travel several times the speed of sound, with France the latest to join a field led so far by Russia and China.

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Facebook Getting Its Messaging Apps to be Friends

Facebook has said that it is trying to get its messaging apps to be friends, allowing encrypted missives be exchanged no matter which of its services are used.

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Facebook Has 'New Tools' against EU Election Meddling

Facebook unveiled Monday new tools to counter online political meddling in the European elections, part of a campaign to answer growing pressure to rein in disinformation. 

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