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U.S. Court Orders Mental Tests for Accused White House Intruder

A U.S. federal judge on Tuesday ordered a full psychiatric evaluation for the man accused of jumping the fence outside the White House and bursting into the president's home.

Omar Gonzalez, 42, pleaded not guilty October 1 to three counts stemming from the September 19 incident, when he is alleged to have sprinted across the White House lawn before entering the building with a knife in his pocket.

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As Hillary Clinton Stumps for Democrats, 2016 Looms Large

Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail Wednesday in support of a Democratic Senate hopeful, but she sounded every inch like the prospective frontrunner for the 2016 presidential race.

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White House Defends Biden after Middle East Gaffes

The White House Monday praised Vice President Joe Biden for being big enough to admit his mistakes, after he apologized to two key allies over an embarrassing diplomatic gaffe on the Middle East.

Biden called leaders in the two states, key members of the U.S. coalition taking on the Islamic State group, after he was quoted as saying that they had financed and armed the Sunni jihadists.

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Secret Service Chief: White House Breach 'Unacceptable'

The head of the U.S. Secret Service pledged to revamp her elite agency Tuesday as she was subjected to withering criticism from angry lawmakers outraged over White House security breaches.

Julia Pierson's grilling before a House of Representatives panel came as a federal grand jury indicted a U.S. Army veteran over a September 19 incident at the White House when he allegedly scaled a fence and made it deep into the presidential mansion armed with a knife.

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Secret Service Chief Grilled for 'Unacceptable' White House Breach

The U.S. Secret Service chief faced withering criticism Tuesday from lawmakers outraged over security breaches at the White House, as she pledged to revamp the agency to prevent an embarrassing repeat.

The grilling before a House panel came after a man carrying a knife scaled the White House fence on September 19 and made it deep into the presidential mansion -- the latest in a string of scandals involving the Secret Service.

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Report: Intruder Ran Deep into White House

An intruder armed with a knife who jumped a fence and sprinted across the White House lawn, got much further into the presidential mansion than previously thought, a report said Monday.

The Washington Post said the man rushed in through the front door of the White House and ran into the ceremonial East Room, one floor below the private residence of President Barack Obama and his family.

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White House Plays Down New Report of Secret Service Woes

A White House official on Sunday played down a report that it took the Secret Service days to realize a man shot at the presidential residence in 2011, while President Barack Obama's daughter was at home.

The Washington Post report came amid new scrutiny on the agency tasked with protecting the president, after a series of recent security lapses, including one earlier this month that saw an intruder armed with a knife jump over a security fence and burst into the White House.

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Rice Meets Syrian Opposition at White House

National Security Adviser Susan Rice reaffirmed U.S. commitment to supporting Syria's moderate opposition at a meeting in Washington with a delegation from the Syrian National Coalition, the White House said Saturday.

The Friday meeting came as the United States and coalition partners broaden air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria, with a defense official telling Agence France-Presse that "near continuous" combat sorties were being conducted there, as in Iraq.

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Obama Says America Still on Top

American leadership is as strong as ever despite a slew of challenges, from the fight to eradicate Islamic State militants to a deadly Ebola epidemic and efforts to tackle climate change, President Barack Obama said Saturday in his weekly address.

Obama, the reluctant warrior who took office nearly six years ago promising to end costly wars, instead now finds himself launching a new conflict -- against the Islamic State jihadists -- that the White House freely admits will stretch past his departure from office in January 2017.

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U.S. Praises Britain, Belgium and Denmark for Agreeing to Fight IS

The White House on Friday praised allies Britain, Denmark and Belgium for joining the military coalition battling the Islamic State (IS) group in Iraq.

"We certainly welcome the recent vote that occurred in the British parliament," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

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