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Five Killed in Afghan Suicide Bomb

A suicide bomber in Afghanistan killed five civilians and injured five others in an attack near a government office on Monday, officials said.

The blast took place close to the district government compound in Qarghayi, Laghman province, eastern Afghanistan.

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Summit of World's Poorest Nations Opens in Istanbul

A five-day U.N. summit with 48 leaders of the world's Least Developed Countries (LDCs) began in Istanbul Monday to discuss a new 10-year aid plan to help lift nations out of poverty.

"Investing in the LDCs can provide the stimulus that will help to propel and sustain global economic recovery and stability," said Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general of the United Nations, in his opening remarks.

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Philippine Storm Kills 11 People, North on Guard

Disaster officials warned villagers in the Philippines' agricultural north to be on guard for landslides and flash floods Monday as Tropical Storm Aere carved a deadly path across the country.

Aere has left 11 people dead since it slammed into eastern Catanduanes province early Sunday with winds of 85 kilometers per hour and gusts of 100 kph. It triggered landslides and knocked out power in some areas, while also roughing up Manila Bay and rattling nerves overnight in the congested capital.

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S. Korea Fortifies Shelters on Islands Near N. Korea

South Korea is spending millions of dollars to fortify shelters on five frontline islands near its tense sea border with North Korea in case of any future attacks, an official said Monday.

The move follows an artillery and rocket barrage by the North last November against Yeongpyeong Island, which killed two marines and two civilians. The South has sent more troops and weaponry to the islands since the attack.

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Obama Says Bin Laden Had 'Support Network' in Pakistan

Osama bin Laden had a "support network" in Pakistan but it is not clear if the Pakistani government was involved, U.S. President Barack Obama said in his first public comments on the issue.

The fact that bin Laden turned up in leafy Abbottabad, home to the Pakistani equivalent of the West Point and Sandhurst military academies, just two hours' drive north of Islamabad, has been greeted with incredulity.

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Italian Police Save Hundreds of Libya Refugees as Boat Runs Aground

A boat carrying some 500 refugees from Libya ran aground as it neared an Italian port on Sunday, forcing many of those on board to jump into the sea, officials said after all were successfully rescued.

The boat hit some rocks on the approach to the island of Lampedusa in southern Italy, sparking panic among those on board -- most of them migrant workers from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia who had been living in Libya.

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Candid Videos Show Rare View of bin Laden

From a shabby, makeshift office, he ran a global terrorist empire. The world's most wanted man watched newscasts of himself from a tiny television perched atop a rickety old desk cluttered with wires.

For years, the world only saw the 54-year-old Osama bin Laden in the rare propaganda videos that trickled out, the ones portraying him as a charismatic religious figure unfazed by being the target of a worldwide manhunt.

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Taliban Launch String of Attacks on Key Afghan City

The Taliban unleashed a wave of attacks including six suicide bombings on government targets in the major southern Afghan city of Kandahar Saturday, leaving at least 14 people wounded.

Militants with guns and rocket-propelled grenades launched an assault on the governor's office, and ten explosions including six suicide blasts rocked the city -- the birthplace of the Taliban -- after the attacks began at about 1:00 pm (0930 GMT).

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No Survivors in Indonesia Plane Crash

A plane with around 25 passengers and crew crashed into the sea during a downpour Saturday in eastern Indonesia, killing everyone on board, a navy officer told local radio.

"I can confirm that all the passengers were killed when the plane exploded as it crashed into the sea," a navy officer involved in the search told ElShinta radio.

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Turkish Army Kills Two Kurdish Rebels

The Turkish army killed two Kurdish rebels in clashes early Saturday in the mountainous Mardin region, a local security official said.

The clashes with rebels from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) took place not far from Bagok Mountain in southeastern Turkey, the official said.

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