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U.S. Hikers Await Judge's Signature to be Free

The lawyer of two American hikers convicted of spying in Iran told Agence France Presse on Saturday that everything was ready for their release, except for the signature of a judge to post bail.

"Everything is in place to post bail (for Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer) and to have them released, except for the signature of a judge" to post bail of $500,000 set by the court for each of them, Masoud Shafii said.

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U.S. Probes Legality of Anti-terror Strikes

A top U.S. anti-terror advisor said America's anti-terror campaign must go beyond "hot" battlefields in Afghanistan but legal curbs could constrain its action.

John Brennan, President Barack Obama's top advisor for counterterrorism and homeland security, also criticized Friday attempts by some lawmakers to ensure that military, rather than civilian courts deal with terror suspects.

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Nine Afghans Herding Cattle Killed by Mine

Nine civilians including five children have been killed by a roadside mine as they herded cattle in northwest Afghanistan, police said Saturday.

The incident took place in Faryab province, which borders Turkmenistan, late Friday and again highlights the dangers civilians face in the ten-year war in Afghanistan.

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U.S. Air Force Base Lockdown Looked Ominous but No Gunman Found

Early on, it looked ominous when an Air Force base on the southern edge of Tucson in the U.S. state of Arizona was locked down Friday morning amid unconfirmed reports of gunfire. In the end, no shots were fired, and no weapons and gunman were found.

Traffic into the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was limited as the unspecified security situation was first announced. Schools on the base were locked down. Ambulances and fire engines were rushed to the base, and a TV station reported that emergency workers were responding to a possible patient with multiple gunshot wounds.

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Finnish Police Arrest Two on Suspected Terror Financing

Police in Finland announced Friday they have arrested two people suspected of financing terrorist activities and recruitment.

"Police have begun an inquiry into a suspected case of financing and recruiting for a terrorist activity," the National Bureau of Investigation said a statement on the arrests carried out last week.

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3 Dead in Horrific U.S. Air Show Crash

A World War II-era fighter plane flown by a veteran Hollywood stunt pilot plunged into the edge of the grandstands Friday during a popular air racing show in the U.S. state of Nevada, killing three people, injuring more than 50 spectators and creating a horrific scene strewn with smoking debris.

The plane, flown by 74-year-old Jimmy Leeward, spiraled out of control without warning and appeared to disintegrate upon impact in Reno. Bloodied bodies were spread across the area as people tended to the victims and ambulances rushed to the scene.

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Death Toll in Pakistan Suicide Bombing Rises to 40

The death toll from a suicide bombing that targeted members of an anti-Taliban militia attending funeral prayers in Pakistan's northwestern region has risen to 40, police said Friday.

The bomber blew himself up Thursday as mourners gathered on open ground in Jandol town in the district of Lower Dir, 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the once Taliban-infested Swat Valley.

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Miner Found Dead in Britain as Hopes Fade

Hopes faded Friday for three miners trapped underground in a flooded colliery in Wales after rescuers battling treacherous conditions found the body of one man.

The news that one miner had been found dead came after divers were sent into the mine late Thursday after the men became stuck in the remote hillside colliery in south Wales earlier in the day.

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Clinton Confident Iran Will Free Hikers

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday that she was confident Iran would free two U.S. hikers convicted of spying and rejected concerns about the delay in their release.

"At this point we are not at all concerned because we have received word through a number of sources, publicly and privately, that the decision will be executed... and that we will see their return to their families," she said.

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4 Frenchmen Held by Qaida Mark Year in Captivity

Four Frenchmen held by al-Qaida's North African franchise on Friday marked a year since their capture, with negotiations for their release complicated by the fallout of the Libyan chaos.

On September 16 last year, seven people were snatched by the radical group al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in Arlit, a uranium mining town in northern Niger.

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