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Indonesian Military Calls Off AirAsia Wreckage Recovery

The Indonesian military on Tuesday called off efforts to recover the wreckage of an AirAsia plane that crashed into the Java Sea last month, after failing to find any more bodies inside the fuselage.

Flight QZ8501 went down on December 28 in stormy weather with 162 people on board, during what was supposed to be a short trip from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore.

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Mexican Army to Guard Schools Threatened by Gangs

Mexican soldiers will from Tuesday start guarding elementary and other schools in the resort town of Acapulco that have been closed since November because of gangs threatening teachers, officials said.

Some 1,000 soldiers will take up positions outside 107 kindergartens, elementary, secondary and other schools in high-crime areas of the city, said Alfredo Miranda, the city's education chief.

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Philippines Says it Was on Guard against Papal 'Suicide Attack'

The Philippines investigated a report that a Malaysian suicide bomber was planning to try to kill Pope Francis during the pontiff's visit to Manila this month, Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas said Tuesday.

Filipino police and soldiers threw up a massive operation involving nearly 40,000 personnel to protect the pope during the January 15-19 visit, which went off without any reported security incidents.

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At Least Five Arrested in 'Anti-Jihadist' Raid in France

At least five people were arrested during an anti-jihadist operation in southern France that was still ongoing early Tuesday, a security source said.

The operation took place in the small town of Lunel east of Montpellier in southern France, from where around 20 young people have left for Syria. Six of them, aged 18 to 30, have been killed since October.

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Fresh Clashes in East Ukraine Kill 9 Soldiers in 24 Hours

Fighting in east Ukraine over the last 24 hours has killed at least nine soldiers and wounded 29, the military said Tuesday, as rebels fought to secure more territory in the war zone.

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Jewish Group: Anti-Semitic Acts in France Doubled in 2014

The number of anti-Semitic acts doubled in France during 2014, with acts involving physical violence leading the increase, the country's main Jewish group said on Tuesday.

Some 851 anti-Semitic acts were registered in 2014, compared with 423 the year prior, with acts of physical violence jumping to 241 from 105, the CRIF said.

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Report: China to Hold Military Parade to 'Frighten Japan'

China will this year hold its first large-scale military parade since 2009, reports said Tuesday, with one key goal described as being to "frighten Japan".

Communist China generally shies away from the vast annual demonstrations of military might that were a hallmark of the Soviet Union.

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Obama Says U.S. and India Can be 'Best Partners'

President Barack Obama said the United States could be India's "best partner" Tuesday as he wrapped up a three-day visit to New Delhi by highlighting the shared values of the world's biggest democracies.

Speaking to an audience of young people, the U.S. president reiterated that the relationship between Washington and New Delhi "can be one of the defining partnerships of this century" but warned the battle against climate change would be doomed unless India was fully on board.

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'High Likelihood' Malaysian Militant Killed in Philippine Raid

The Philippines said there was a "high likelihood" a Malaysian militant suspected of being behind the 2002 Bali bombings was killed in a controversial operation in the country's south that left 44 police dead.

Sunday's offensive against "high-value targets" including Zulkifli bin Hir -- one of the United States's most wanted militants with a $5 million bounty on his head -- turned into a bloodbath, with President Benigno Aquino ordering a probe into the incident.

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S. Korea Blocks North Bid for Right of Arrest in Joint Zone

South Korea said Tuesday it had blocked a North Korean bid for the right to detain South Korean businessmen working in the Kaesong joint industrial zone in the event of a dispute.

The Kaesong complex, which lies about 10 kilometres (six miles) inside North Korea, hosts some 100 Seoul-owned factories where 53,000 North Korean workers produce goods from clothes to watches. 

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