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Kenyan Leader Heads to International Criminal Court

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta flew out of Kenya Tuesday to attend a hearing at the International Criminal Court, where he will become the first sitting president to appear before the chamber.

Kenyatta, who has temporarily handed power to his deputy to "protect the sovereignty" of the east African country, waved to supporters at the airport in Nairobi in a relatively low-key early morning departure, an Agence France Presse reporter said.

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South Korea Ferry Disaster Captain Admits Errors

The ship's captain at the heart of South Korea's ferry disaster acknowledged during his murder trial Tuesday that he had erred in leaving an inexperienced crew member at the helm when the vessel capsized.

Testifying for the first time in court, Lee Joon-Seok also denied allegations by some of the crew that he was playing games on his mobile phone when the 6,825-tonne Sewol ran into trouble.

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Reports: Japan Typhoon Death Toll Rises to Six

The death toll from a typhoon that pounded Japan this week has risen to six, while five other people including two U.S. serviceman remain missing, reports said Tuesday.

Powerful typhoon Phanfone whirled over Tokyo and other major cities during the Monday morning rush hour, cancelling some 600 flights and suspending more than 100 bullet train services while many factories were shuttered.

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Two More Dead Found on Japan Volcano

Rescue workers on Tuesday found two bodies in the ash on a volcano in central Japan, where at least 12 hikers are still unaccounted for following an eruption known to have killed 51 others

One body was air-lifted by military helicopter, according to a crisis-management official at the Nagano prefectural government.

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Lightning Kills 11 Indigenous in Remote Colombia

Lightning struck dead 11 Colombians and injured 15 others during a meeting of indigenous Wiwa spiritual leaders in a remote mountainous area in the country's north, the government said Monday.

The Wiwa, who were gathered at a community in the isolated Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta range in Magdalena department, were killed by "an electrical charge from a lightning bolt," the national ombudsman's office said.

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Cambodia Land Grab Victims Seek ICC 'Crimes against Humanity' Probe

Victims of land grabs by Cambodia's "ruling elite" called on Tuesday for the International Criminal Court to probe their mass evictions as a crime against humanity.

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Mexican Army Disarms Police in Missing Students City

Mexico's federal forces took over security Monday in a southern city where 43 students disappeared and disarmed the entire municipal police force after gang-linked officers shot at the aspiring teachers.

Monte Alejandro Rubido Garcia, the national security commissioner, said the Iguala police officers will be sent to a military base to undergo evaluations while investigators check whether their guns were used in any crimes.

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North, South Korea Naval Patrol Boats Exchange Fire

North and South Korean naval patrol boats briefly exchanged warning fire Tuesday near their disputed Yellow Sea border which has been the site of numerous clashes in the past, the South's defense ministry said.

The incident came as hopes had been raised of a constructive reboot in strained inter-Korean relations following the surprise visit of a top-ranking North Korean delegation to the South just three days before.

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UK Police Find Suspect's Body in Hunt for Schoolgirl's Killer

A body found in a London woodland is that of the Latvian prime suspect in the murder of schoolgirl Alice Gross, British police said on Monday.

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U.S. Teen Arrested at Airport for Trying to Join IS

The United States said Monday it arrested a 19-year-old American at a Chicago airport as he attempted to leave the country to join Islamic State jihadists fighting in Iraq and Syria.

Mohammed Hamzah Khan, who arrived at O'Hare International Airport Saturday with a roundtrip ticket to Istanbul, was charged with one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, the Justice Department said.

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