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China's Xi and Japan's Abe to Meet at G20

Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in China Monday, Tokyo said, their first meeting in more than a year with their nations divided by territorial disputes and recriminations over history.

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Merkel Vows to 'Win Back Trust' after Poll Loss Blamed on Migrant Crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed Monday to "win back trust" of voters over the handling of the migrant crisis after her party lost against the right-wing populist AfD in state elections.

"Everyone now needs to think about how we can win back trust -- most of all, of course, myself," Merkel said, speaking on the sidelines of a G20 summit in China a day after the election in her home state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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Japan Warns over Brexit during G20 Talks

Tokyo has issued its boldest warning yet over the potential fallout from Brexit, saying Japanese firms may shift key operations from Britain to Europe if they lose free access to the single market.

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N. Korea Fires Three Ballistic Missiles off East Coast

North Korea test-fired three ballistic missiles into the sea Monday, South Korea said, in a new show of force as world leaders meet at the G20 summit in China.

The missiles were fired into the Sea of Japan (East Sea) from the North's Hwangju county at around 0300 GMT, a spokesman for Seoul's defence ministry said. 

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Philippines Concerned over Chinese Boats near Disputed Shoal

The Philippines has asked China to explain the increased presence of Chinese vessels near the disputed Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea, the defence secretary said Sunday, expressing "grave concern".

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Somalia Pressed over Media Freedom, Journalist Death Toll

The United Nations called on Somalia on Sunday to do more to protect the freedom of the press and expression in a country where 30 journalists have been killed in four years.

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Turkish Jets Destroy Kurdish Rebel Targets

Turkish warplanes have destroyed 10 Kurdish rebel positions in the restive southeast as Ankara steps up its fight against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), state media reported on Sunday.

Jets bombed four PKK targets in the Cukurca district of the southeastern province of Hakkari close to northern Iraq on Saturday evening, security sources told state-run Anadolu news agency.

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Merkel's Party Faces Voters' Anger, a Year after Opening Borders

Chancellor Angela Merkel's party braced for a backlash at state polls Sunday, while anti-migrant populists are poised for major gains a year after the German leader opened the borders to refugees.

Around 1.33 million voters are electing a new regional parliament for the northeastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which is also home to Merkel's constituency Stralsund.

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Pope Francis Proclaims Teresa a Saint

Pope Francis on Sunday proclaimed Mother Teresa a saint, hailing her work with the destitute of Kolkata as a beacon for mankind and testimony of God's compassion for the poor.

The revered nun's elevation to Roman Catholicism's celestial pantheon came in a canonization mass in St Peter's square presided over by Pope Francis in the presence of 100,000 pilgrims.

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Anti-Maduro Protesters Detained, Freed after Venezuela Demo

Most of 30 or so protesters arrested in a rally against President Nicolas Maduro have now been freed, authorities said Saturday, after mass demonstrations over Venezuela's food shortages.

"They have been set free," Alfredo Romero of the NGO Venezuelan Justice Forum said on Twitter. The exception was apparently a journalist, Braulio Jatar, who released video of protests on social media, Romero said.

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