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UAE Mars Probe Launch from Japan Rescheduled for July 20

A Japanese rocket carrying the first Arab mission to Mars will blast into space on Monday, after being delayed by bad weather, the launch company said Friday.

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UAE again Delays Mars Probe Launch over Weather

The United Arab Emirates said on Wednesday it would delay the launch of its "Hope" Mars probe for a second time, again due to bad weather.

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Eyes on the Stars: UAE's Mars Probe a First for the Arab World

The oil-rich United Arab Emirates has built a nuclear power programme and sent a man to space, and now plans to join another elite club by sending a probe to Mars.

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Saudi, UAE Talk Military Cooperation after Yemen Rebel Truce Offer

Top officials from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, key players in a coalition fighting Yemeni rebels, have discussed military cooperation following a positive response by Riyadh to a truce offer from the insurgents.

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UAE Hails 'Strategic' Trump Veto of Yemen War Bill

The United Arab Emirates on Wednesday hailed as "strategic" President Donald Trump's veto of a resolution from Congress directing him to end US support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

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Saudi, UAE Fear for Sudan Interests Post-Bashir, Say Analysts

With Sudan in turmoil following the ouster of their ally Omar al-Bashir, Gulf powerhouses Saudi Arabia and the UAE are following events closely as they seek to protect their interests, analysts say.

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Downpour Shuts UAE Schools, Disrupts Flights

Schools were ordered shut, flights suspended and the stock market was closed down in the United Arab Emirates as rare heavy rain hit the desert Gulf state on Wednesday.

Education authorities said schools will stay closed Thursday as more thundery weather is forecast.

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UAE Soldier Dies in Yemen Operations

The United Arab Emirates said Saturday that one of its soldiers has died in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is helping government forces against Iran-backed rebels.

Soldier Mohammed al-Dhahnani died "in an accident when his military vehicle overturned while performing his national duty" during coalition operations, the armed forces said in a statement carried by state news agency WAM.

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Jordan Journalist Held Incommunicado in UAE, Says Rights Group

A Jordanian journalist has been detained for nearly two months in the United Arab Emirates without access to his family or a lawyer, Human Rights Watch said on Friday.

The watchdog said Tayseer al-Najjar, 42, was arrested late last year in Abu Dhabi while attempting to board a flight home, and has not been heard from since he appeared in court on December 13.

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Report: UAE Sending Colombian Mercenaries to Yemen

The United Arab Emirates has secretly sent some 300 Colombian mercenaries to fight for it in Yemen, paying handsomely to recruit a private army of well-trained, battle-hardened South American soldiers, sources told AFP.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Colombians' experience fighting leftist guerrillas and drug traffickers in their home country made them attractive recruits for the UAE, whose relatively inexperienced army is part of an Arab coalition helping Yemen's government fight a war against Huthi rebels.

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