Army Intervenes after LF-Marada Fistfight at LU's Law Faculty in Jal el-Dib

A clash broke out Tuesday between students belonging to the Lebanese Forces and the Marada Movement at the Lebanese University's Faculty of Law and Political Science in Jal el-Dib, which prompted the intervention of the army.

A meeting was held at the faculty administration's office in a bid to resolve the dispute, state-run National News Agency reported.

According to LBCI television, LF students were playing partisan anthems on loud speakers, which provoked students belonging to Marada.

The tension soon escalated into a verbal clash and a fistfight, which left Marada student official at the faculty Elie Hashem wounded, LBCI said.

The incident comes one day after a standoff between students belonging to Hizbullah and the March 14 forces at the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut. The army managed Monday to prevent any clash between the rival parties.

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