GCC Approves 'Necessary' Measures against 'Hizbullah Interests' in Gulf

The Gulf Cooperation Council on Thursday approved what it described as “the necessary measures against Hizbullah's interests” in the Gulf countries, after endorsing recommendations during a meeting in Riyadh in September.

“The interior ministers of the Council's member states have approved the results of the extraordinary meetings held by the ministries' undersecretaries regarding the necessary measures that should be taken against the interests of Hizbullah and its members and associates in the GCC countries,” Council chief Abdul Latif al-Zayani said following a meeting in Bahrain.

In September, undersecretaries of the Gulf Cooperation Council's interior ministries discussed possible measures against suspected Hizbullah members living in the Gulf.

Bahraini Interior Ministry Undersecretary Khaled al-Absi said the meeting discussed how to put into effect the recently-approved GCC resolution calling on members to take action against Hizbullah members in Gulf region. The measures could include visa cancellation and financial and commercial transaction restrictions.

The GCC's measures come in response to Hizbullah's intervention in the Syrian war alongside President Bashar Assad's forces. The majority of Gulf countries back the rebels who are trying to topple the Syrian leader.

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