Death Penalty Ordered for 9 Suspects over Explosives-Laden Car in Maamoura

The death penalty has been ordered against a number of suspects linked to the explosives-laden car that was discovered in al-Maamoura neighborhood in Beirut in October, reported the National News Agency on Tuesday.

It said that Military Examining Magistrate Fadi Sawan ordered the death penalty against nine suspects, two of whom are in custody.

He issued arrest warrants against them.

Search and investigate warrants were issued against four of the suspects to uncover their identity.

They were named as Abu Malek, Bilal, Abu Mohammed Amin, and Mohammed Amin.

The two detained suspects have been identified as M.N.A., who was arrested on October 28, and Mohammed Sobh Ozamir, a Turkish national who was arrested on October 25.

The suspects at large are Ahmed Abdullah al-Atrash, Sameh Mahmoud Sultan, also known as Sameh al-Breidy, Sami Ahmed al-Atrash, also known as Dadouh, Iraqi explosives expert Abdullah Mohammed al-Qalei, also known as Abu Abdullah, Mohammed Ibrahim al-Hujairi, Ibrahim Qassem al-Atrash, and Syrian Hassan Mohammed al-Maarawi.

Sawan referred the case to the permanent military court.

On October 14, a booby-trapped car containing many explosives was found in Beirut's southern suburb of al-Maamoura.

"A booby-trapped blue Grand Cherokee car was found in Beirut's al-Maamoura neighborhood," the Army Command said in a communique.

On July 9, at least 14 people were killed and 212 others wounded in a car bombing that rocked Hizbullah's stronghold in Beirut's southern suburbs.

The blast went off on the public road between the neighborhoods of Bir al-Abed and Ruwais.

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