Qaouq Demands March 14 to 'Stop Covering Up' for Attackers against Tripoli Residents

Hizbullah official Sheikh Nabil Qaouq on Tuesday demanded the March 14 alliance to “stop covering up” for those involved in the attacks against the northern city of Tripoli's residents.

"It is time for March 14 to stop justifying and covering up for those involved in the attacks against innocents in Tripoli,” Qaouq said during a Hizbullah event in the Beirut neighborhood of Shiyyah.

"They should stop conspiring to maintain the siege on (the Tripoli neighborhood of) Jabal Mohsen.”

He also called on Hizbullah's political foes to adopt a “national strategy to face the Takfiri danger that threatens Lebanon and the Lebanese.”

Qaouq elaborated: “Lebanon can no longer tolerate any justification for Takfiri terrorism and any attempt to use criminal bombings for political purposes.”

“It is no longer acceptable to condemn the crime and at the same time cover up for the attackers.”

"We tell Takfiris and their masters that bombings in Lebanon will only make them more desperate, but they will strengthen our power in the battlefield. They are too weak to change political equations in Lebanon and Syria.”

The Hizbullah official urged March 14 to stop “sectarian incitement and tension.”

"We call for hurrying up in the formation of a new cabinet that preserves national interests and secures stability,” he said.

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