Report: Lebanese Fighters, Including at Least One from Arsal, Killed in Syria

A new group of Lebanese fighters have been killed in Syria while fighting alongside rebels, according to media reports.

“Lebanese national Ahmed al-Hujairi and 13 gunmen were killed in a Syrian army ambush between the Rima Farms and Nabak” in the Syrian region of Qalamoun, al-Mayadeen television reported.

For its part, MTV said 13 Lebanese men, including one from al-Hujairi family, were killed in Qalamoun's Halboun.

On November 18, two Lebanese men were killed in a mine blast in Syria, where they had planned to join the fight against the regime.

The men from the Lebanese border town of Arsal were headed to Qara, a rebel-held Syrian town near the frontier where loyalist troops backed by Hizbullah fighters have launched a major offensive in recent days.

"Youssef al-Hujairi and Khaled al-Hujairi were killed in the explosion of a mine before they reached the town of Qara," a security source told Agence France Presse.

On that day, an Arsal elder told AFP that around 30 young men from Arsal left with their weapons to go and fight “alongside the rebel Free Syrian Army.”

Arsal has a long shared border with Syria, stretching along much of Damascus province and part of Homs province.

Smugglers have long taken their goods across the porous border, and since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, weapons and fighters have moved across the border too.

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