U.S. Hopes All Parties Would 'Cooperate with Full Investigation' into al-Laqqis' Murder

The U.S. State Department hoped on Wednesday that all Lebanese parties would cooperate with the probe into the assassination of Hizbullah official Hajj Hassan Hollo al-Laqqis.

“We’ve seen the media reports regarding the killing of a Hizbullah official. We look to all parties to cooperate with a full investigation into the reported incident, and I think that’s all we have on that right now,” deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said Wednesday.

Asked about Lebanon’s vulnerability due to the chaos in neighboring Syria, Harf said: “We’ve been very concerned by recurring instances of sectarian and political violence in Lebanon.”

“We’ve talked about the negative impact that Syria has had in Lebanon and Iraq and elsewhere in the region, and the spillover violence that we’ve tragically seen,” she told reporters in her press briefing.

“That’s why we’ve called on all parties in Lebanon and the region to respect Lebanon’s sovereignty,” Harf said.

“We continue working with the Lebanese government,” she added.

Al-Laqqis, described as a member of the inner circle of Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, was killed when attackers shot him repeatedly with a silenced handgun after parking his car at the building where he lived.

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