FPM, PSP Blocs Say Support Holding Governmental Sessions for Caretaker Cabinet

The National Struggle Front and the Change and Reform parliamentary blocs agreed on Wednesday to revive the roles of the parliament and ministries, and to hold sessions for the caretaker cabinet to “manage people's affairs.”

"We agreed in the talks with the Progressive Socialist Party's delegation to form a new cabinet and relaunch the national dialogue sessions to deal with the differences in the county,” Change and Reform bloc MP Alain Aoun said after a meeting with PSP MPs in Beirut's Nejmeh Square.

Aoun remarked, however that “in case the formation of a new cabinet was not possible, then meetings for the current caretaker council of ministers must be held to tackle issues that cannot bear any stalling.”

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati rejects to hold a session for the cabinet, arguing that it requires a unanimous political agreement because a caretaker cabinet can't approve non-essential decrees.

The FPM MP noted that the both party's lawmakers agreed also on holding the presidential elections on time and on reviving the work of the parliament.

“There is a common preoccupation we share concerning finding a way to create the suitable atmosphere for the elections,” Aoun said.

Meanwhile, National Struggle Front MP Akram Shehayyeb expressed after the talks that “everyone in the country is scared and worried about Lebanon's fate.”

“We have always called for dialogue and the parliament is the place to communicate,” he said, praising FPM's initiative to hold talks with all factions in the country.

"The repercussions of the Syrian situation is reflected on Lebanon and meetings are necessary at this stage.”

Thursday's meeting is one of a series of talks the FPM is seeking to hold with political forces in order to end Lebanon's political deadlock.

Shehayyeb announced his support to revive the work of the parliament and of the state's institutions, adding that no group in the country must be eliminated.

“Our centrist position stems from wanting to prevent strife in the country,” he explained.

“We hope the state's institutions become active again and that a cabinet is formed as soon as possible. We support President Michel Suleiman's calls for dialogue.”

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