Suleiman Rejects Foreign Interference, Says Illegal Arms 'Tool of Destabilization'

President Michel Suleiman stated on Saturday his rejection of all foreign intervention schemes, adding that illegal arms have become a tool of destabilization in the country.

“The issue of the Lebanese identity has drawn foreign interference and it was only the result of local mistakes,” Suleiman said in a speech he gave at an event to unveil the busts of the 12 Lebanese presidents that have ruled the country since its independence in 1943., noting that Saturday's meeting aims at reviving “the cause.”

“The cause is the idea of a democratic, sovereign, pluralistic, free and independent Lebanon.”

He elaborated: “Revolutions in the region have turned into crises and led to the awakening of religious identities in the country that are dominant over the Lebanese identity.”

“This is a recipe for war.”

Suleiman said that the stability of Lebanon is based on a free contract that ensures “political partnership.”

“This opens the door in front of developing the Taif Accord towards establishing a modern civil state.”

The president stressed on the importance of neutralizing Lebanon from regional turmoil.

He explained: “The neutrality of Lebanon from regional axes and conflicts is reflected in allying with Arabs when they are in agreement only.”

“Every time the Lebanese deviate from neutrality, problems that have been concealed since 1958 erupt,” he noted.

Suleiman also tackled the issue of illegal arms spread in the country, warning that they are a tool used to destabilize civil peace.

“Tension in the country is a result of the duality of the state and illegal weapons,” he stated.

The head of the Lebanese republic said this issue should be approached through dialogue, not through policies of elimination and throwing accusations.

Suleiman also called on politicians to hold the presidential elections on time.

“I urge you not to abandon your duties and representation of the people, and to avoid a vacuum in the presidency.”

He pointed out that the 1988 and the 2007 experiences have proved that political “vacuum leads to the deterioration of security and economic conditions.”

Source: Naharnet

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