Rifi Voices Support for Army's Tripoli Measures, Says No Stability without Justice

Former Internal Security Forces chief Ashraf Rifi voiced on Saturday his support to the army's procedures in the northern city if Tripoli, remarking that there is no stability if justice was not achieved.

“We urge citizens to cooperate with security forces to achieve stability in Tripoli,” Rifi said after holding talks with the city's MPs at his house.

He continued: “We will give a chance to the army's procedures and we will follow up on them and support them as long as they provide security and balance between different factions in the city.”

There are no new laws invented to go with the security plan, Rifi added.

“What is allowed and what is prohibited according to the laws is known.”

Authorities decided on Monday to place Tripoli under army control for six months after a wave of sectarian killings linked to Syria's war left scores of casualties.

Rifi also denied reports saying some northern factions want a confrontation with the army, assuring that a standoff with the military institution was prevented.

He hoped that the new security plan would be an opportunity to restore stability in the North, stressing however, that “there is no stability without justice.”

The former ISF chief elaborated: “We support going forward with all arrest warrants and judicial warrants but not all crimes can be equated with the big crime, which is the mosques' bombings. This is a terrorist crime but we do not want revenge.”

“Focus must be on the big crime and those who think we will forget about it are delusional. We will file lawsuits with international courts if it was allowed.”

He also revealed that a documentary on the incident was prepared.

Deadly twin car bomb blasts targeted al-Taqwa and al-Salam mosques on August 23 in Tripoli, killing at least 45 people.

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