Qassem Deems as 'Unconstitutional' Proposal to Form Govt. that Lacks Confidence Just to Stage Polls

Hizbullah deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem voiced on Thursday his surprise with President Michel Suleiman's suggestion to form a government to stage the presidential elections even if it does not enjoy confidence.

He deemed such a proposal as unconstitutional.

“Such a government cannot take over duties from a caretaker cabinet and it therefore cannot even stage the presidential election because it does not even exist legally,” he explained.

“Such a proposal could lead Lebanon towards division and chaos,” warned Qassem.

“Officials are better off forming a national government that enjoys the confidence of parliament and that performs its duties, including holding the presidential elections,” he added.

“We hope that this cabinet would be formed as soon as possible,” he stressed.

Suleiman had made his suggestion on Monday, while confirming that the presidential elections will be held as scheduled in spring 2014.

His six-year term ends in May, but there are fears that the differences between the March 8 and 14 camps would lead to a vacuum in the country's top post.

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