Residents Flee as Shelling from Syria Hits Akkar Towns

Residents of some Akkar towns fled the area on Thursday to escape the fallout from clashes on the Syrian side of the border.

“Shelling targeted the outskirts of their towns, forcing them to flee their homes to safer places,” state-run National News Agency reported.

Earlier on Thursday, NNA said shells struck the outskirts of the towns of Qashlaq, al-Noura, Wadi al-Hour, Hakr Janine and Amar al-Baikat amid fighting inside Syria.

The shells were accompanied with heavy gunshots that targeted the highway that links the towns of al-Abboudiyeh and Minjez.

Since the Syrian crisis broke out in March 2011, border areas in northern and eastern Lebanon have been struck by frequent cross-border shelling and clashes which have left several people dead and scores other wounded.

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