Berri Calls for Formation of International Committee to Probe Israeli Espionage Stations

Speaker Nabih Berri urged on Monday the International Telecommunication Union to form a committee to investigate the newly established Israeli spying stations along its border with Lebanon.

“The newly Israeli aggression is a campaign to spy on the Lebanese, the embassies and international organizations in the country,” Berri said during a meeting with caretaker Telecom Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui and the secretary general of the International Telecommunication Union Hamadoun Touré.

For his part Touré acknowledged “Lebanon's rights,” vowing to follow up the matter and take the necessary decisions in this regard.

Berri also reiterated before Touré that Israel has never paid Lebanon compensations, which were decided by the International Telecommunication Union.

Touré said that “the matter is linked to the constant Israeli struggle with the international legitimacy.”

In November a large-scale meeting was held at the parliament to brief foreign diplomats and Lebanese politicians on the recently established Israeli spying stations.

Israel recently installed spying stations along its border with Lebanon, starting from al-Naqoura passing by Khayyam all the way to Sheba, in addition to Mount Hermon (Jabal al-Sheikh).

Syria's Mount Hermon, near the border with Lebanon, is occupied by Israel.

The espionage station includes advanced equipment that enable Israel to monitor Hasbaya, Arqoub, Rashaya, the Bekaa and several areas in eastern Lebanon mountain range.

The biggest espionage station is allegedly erected in al-Abbad and Jan al-Alam areas, which are located near the U.N. demarcated Blue line.

Israel's recent installation of espionage stations along its border with Lebanon angered several politicians as the parliamentary telecommunications committee vowed in a meeting earlier this month to confront the matter.

Several media reports said that Lebanon is expected to file a complaint to the United Nations Security Council over the issue.

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