Army Identifies Sidon Attackers, Says 2 Suspects on the Run

The army identified on Monday the assailants of one of the attacks on the military in the southern city of Sidon, saying however that two suspects have escaped.

A communique said that three suspects were passing on foot through a checkpoint at al-Awwali bridge at Sidon's entrance at 9:00 pm Sunday when a soldier asked for their identification papers.

One of the suspects, who remains unidentified, threatened him with a grenade, which blew up when the soldier opened fire on him, it said.

The suspect was killed and two soldiers at the checkpoint were injured, the army statement said.

Soldiers found in his pocket another grenade, which was defused by the military expert.

The other two suspects were able to escape, the communique said, adding investigation is underway to find out their ties with another attack that took place in Sidon 45 minutes later.

The assault in the Majdelyoun area at 9:45 pm came after the army erected a checkpoint there following the first attack.

The army communique said that Bahaeddine Mohammed al-Sayyed, a Palestinian, got off an Envoy four-wheeler and blew himself up after embracing Sergeant Samer Rizk.

Al-Sayyed and Rizk were killed and a soldier was injured.

Two other suspects, who were in the Envoy, also died when members of the checkpoint opened fire on them.

The communique identified them as Lebanese Mohammed Jamil al-Zarif and Ibrahim Ibrahim al-Mir.

Soldiers found in their vehicle a suicide belt, three hand grenades and 23 detonators, the communique added.

State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr tasked on Monday the military police, the army intelligence and forensic experts with carrying out the investigation into the assaults.

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