Syria Accuses Saboteurs of Train Derailment

A passenger train has derailed and caught fire in central Syria, killing the driver and wounding several passengers, after "saboteurs" tore out part of the tracks, the state-run news agency, SANA, said.

The train with 480 passengers on board was traveling Saturday from the northeastern city of Aleppo to the capital Damascus.

SANA said the saboteurs targeted the train, ripping up a section of the tracks at al-Souda near the central city of Homs. That caused the train to derail and the front carriage to catch fire.

Syria is in the throes of an uprising against President Bashar Assad's rule. Activists say more than 1,600 civilians have died in the government crackdown since the revolt began in mid-March.

The government blames the unrest on terrorists and foreign extremists, not true reform-seekers.

Source: Agence France Presse, Associated Press

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