Security Forces Identify Nigerian Foreign Currency Forging Gang

The Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau arrested on Monday two Lebanese nationals linked to a counterfeiting gang, reported the National News Agency.

Investigations with the suspects later led to the discovery of a five-member Nigerian counterfeiting gang.

NNA said that the two Lebanese were initially arrested with a large amount of “black paper” allegedly used for forging hundred dollar bills.

The amount found would have been used to forge about half a million dollars, said NNA.

Investigations with the suspects revealed that they were victims of a scam by a Nigerian gang.

The gang led them to believe that the paper could be turned into hundred dollar bills when their black pigmentation is erased with certain chemicals.

Following further investigations, the identities of the foreign gang members were uncovered.

The Nigerian suspects have been identified as Jackson Ogheneme, Emmanuel Egbo, Saturday Ohiku, Bello Hammed, and Ufuoma Ukpeje.

The Lebanese nationals have since been released pending further investigations.

The ISF has since published the photographs of the Nigerian suspects and requested that the public report to it if they suspect they have been victims of their scams.

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