March 14 Legal Meeting Urges Ban, Arab League to Maintain Support for STL

A conference for March 14 legal figures called on United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the Arab League to maintain their support for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon “until justice is achieved.”

The conference was held at the Bristol Hotel in Beirut bringing together a number of the camp’s legal officials.

The final statement, recited by lawyer Fadi Saad, stressed that the March 14 forces “are not seeking revenge, but rather truth and justice.”

“We don’t have any enemies in Lebanon to seek revenge from, but we have partners in this nation,” it added.

“The justice we are aspiring for will prevent political assassinations and achieve stability and reconciliation with various parties,” it said.

The conferees announced the formation of a legal office that will follow up on the affairs of the STL.

“We call on the Lebanese authorities to shoulder their responsibilities towards international resolutions, especially U.N. Security Council resolution 1757, and to cooperate with the STL’s requests without any procrastination,” the statement said.

Concerned sources told al-Mustaqbal daily in remarks published on Tuesday that the conference is aimed at following up on the STL’s work and demonstrating to those who are “targeting the tribunal, especially Hizbullah,” that the court isn’t politicized.

“The conference will hold all those concerned with the tribunal responsible, among them President Michel Suleiman, Prime Minister Najib Miqati, the justice minister, and General Prosecutor Saeed Mirza,” they added.

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