International Missions in Lebanon Reiterate Support for Army after Hermel Blast

The United States' embassy in Lebanon condemned Saturday's deadly explosion at an army checkpoint in the Bekaa town of Hermel, reiterating Washington's support for the military institution.

"We condemn the bombing and we consider that an attack on the Lebanese Armed Forces is an attack on all Lebanese,” the embassy said in a statement released on Twitter.

It added: “The United States' support for the LAF is steadfast. We stand in solidarity with LAF and its soldiers on the front lines of the battle against terror in Lebanon.”

“Acts of terrorism reinforce U.S.' determination to work with the Lebanese state's institutions like the army and the Internal Security Forces to support security and stability.”

British Ambassador to Lebanon Tom Fletcher also deplored the attack and announced offering a USD 500,000 grant for restoring the targeted army checkpoint.

Meanwhile, United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly strongly condemned the bombing, stressing on the importance of supporting the army and security forces in the country.

“The tireless efforts and sacrifice of the army and the security forces to detain terrorist suspects and prevent such attacks were worthy of the highest praise,” Plumbly expressed in a released statement.

He added: “The recurrence of acts of terrorism should only strengthen the support of all Lebanese for the institutions of the state, particularly the army and the security forces, as they work to safeguard the country's security and stability.”

“We reiterate the U.N.'s support for Lebanon and its army during these difficult times and we hope that all those responsible for today's bombing and all other acts of terrorism will be brought to justice as soon as possible.”

At least two troops were killed and 15 others were wounded on Saturday in a massive suicide car explosion at an army checkpoint in Hermel.

The suicide blast took place near al-Assi bridge area at the entrance of the Bekaa town and it was claimed by al-Nusra Front in Lebanon.

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