Virgin Mary Statue Insulter Arrested

Security forces arrested on Saturday a man accused of insulting a statue of Virgin Mary last month.

"Security forces in the Dahieh judicial department (in Beirut's southern suburbs) arrested A.I. for insulting a statue of Virgin Mary and posting a picture of the wrongful conduct on his page on a social media site,” LBCI television said.

President Michel Suleiman called in February for “appropriate measures” to be taken against a user who had posted a Facebook cover photo of himself kissing the statue of Virgin Mary.

A Baabda palace statement said Suleiman called for certain “procedures and appropriate measures” against the wrongdoer but did not mention whether the president was inviting for judicial action.

The arrested man, Ali Itawi, had written in one of his posts that virgin Mary “was no longer a virgin” after the kiss.

He first posted the photo in 2011 but he put it back as a cover photo a few months ago, causing a stir on social networking sites.

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