Tripoli Mother in Intensive Care after Being Beaten by Husband

Bloodied and traumatized, Batoul, a mother of three, was admitted into an intensive care unit Sunday after her husband beat her up and left her along with her child on the side of a road in the northern city of Tripoli.

The woman, whose head was bleeding, stayed for several hours in the street after she was assaulted, according to MTV.

The blood on her face drew the attention of a passerby, who took her to a police station.

In the video report, a tearful Batoul says an “elderly man” had hit her with a gas canister, but several witnesses told the TV network that it was not the first time she had been assaulted at the hands of her husband.

MTV said the woman has again refused to file a lawsuit against the spouse.

Several Lebanese women have recently made headlines for falling victims to domestic violence and many of them were killed by their husbands.

On March 29, Lebanese woman Hoda Ali Tay was brutally beaten up by her husband in al-Ouzai area in southern Beirut, which required transferring her immediately to a hospital for treatment.

A controversial draft-law on domestic violence was approved by parliament on April 1, although it did not meet the expectations of activists supporting the cause.


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