Sayyed Discusses with Assad Means to 'Clean' Border Areas of 'Terrorists'

Syrian President Bashar Assad met Sunday with former Lebanese General Security chief Maj. Gen. Jamil Sayyed, who said talks tackled the “cleaning” of Syrian areas near Lebanon's border from “terrorists” to pave the ground for greater “coordination” with the Lebanese Army.

A statement issued by Sayyed's office said the two-hour meeting in the morning touched on “the outcome of the Syrian army's military operations in terms of cleaning Syrian areas adjacent to the Lebanese border in Akkar and the Bekaa from terrorist groups.”

It said such a move would “allow the Lebanese Army to better control the border on the Lebanese side, in coordination with the Syrian authorities.”

“The developments in Syria are moving forward on two tracks. The first is the continued war on terror, which is represented by the armed and takfiri groups, and the second is encouraging and speeding up national reconciliations,” Sayyed said after the meeting.

“Constitutional junctures, including the presidential vote, are a sovereign Syrian issue and they cannot be impeded by any incidents, similar to what happened in many countries witnessing difficult situations, such as Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Afghanistan and others,” Sayyed added.

Syrian forces have recently seized control of most towns in the strategic Qalamoun region near the border with Lebanon.


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