Israeli Force Searching for 'Suspicious Object' near Kfarkila

An Israeli force inspected an orchard in the South on Thursday morning in search of a “suspicious object” in the area.

The force, which comprised more than 20 soldiers, was examining a region facing the border town of Kfarkila, MTV reported.

The same source added that patrols were also roaming the area along the border between Kfarkila and Adeisseh.

The state-run National News agency later said that Israeli forces were repairing the barbed wire fence along the border near the Fatima Gate.

The force was provided with protection by military vehicles and by troops deployed in the region's orchards.

UNIFIL troops, meanwhile, monitored the Israeli activity from their positions in Lebanon.

Last week, an Israeli military unit crossed the technical fence near al-Wazzani river and then left.

The state-run National News Agency said the soldiers searched the area before pulling out.



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