ISF Seizes Weapons in Tripoli Warehouse

The Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau raided on Monday a warehouse in the northern city of Tripoli, confiscating a number of weapons, reported the National News Agency.

It said that an ISF Intelligence Bureau patrol raided the warehouse, belonging to A.N., in the al-Soweiqa al-Mahatra neighborhood, seizing a number of rocket-propelled grenades, Energa-type rockets, bombs, and light and medium weapons.

Last month, the army deployed heavily in Tripoli and started implementing a major security plan devised by the government to end violence in the city.

Tripoli witnessed around 20 rounds of deadly gunbattles in recent years between the rival neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen.

The security plan has resulted in the arrest of dozens of gunmen and fugitives in Tripoli and the Bekaa but a lot of wanted men have managed to escape, while others remain at large.

Last week, a number of leaders of armed fighters in Tripoli turned themselves over to the military intelligence.



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