Kidnappers Release Iraqi but Abduct His Relative over Ransom Dispute

A kidnapped Iraqi businessman has been released but his captors abducted his relative after he failed to pay the ransom in full, the state-run National News Agency reported on Thursday.

Wael al-Jabouri was set free near the town of Hawsh al-Nabi in the eastern Baalbek district after his relative paid the abductors $50,000, NNA said.

But the assailants took the man hostage pending the payment of the entire ransom, it added.

The agency did not specify the amount of the ransom that the kidnappers had demanded.

Al-Jabouri was abducted on May 4 in the area of Dohat Aramoun.

Al-Jabouri, who owns residential buildings in the area, was kidnapped after the assailants claimed they wanted to buy an apartment.



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