La Liberation: Indictment to be Based on Telecom as Evidence

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s indictment of Hizbullah members will be based on evidence unveiled by ISF Capt. Wissam Eid through his monitoring of the telecommunications network, the French daily La Liberation said.

“Members of a mysterious team were using their mobile phones to communicate with each other several weeks before” ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s assassination, Eid reportedly discovered.

Some of the mobile numbers were later used in the assassinations of journalist Samir Kassir and former Secretary-General of the communist party George Hawi, the daily said.

According to the report, the investigation into Hariri’s murder implicates Hizbullah although there is no evidence except for the phone tapping.

Even if the probe finds those who carried out the assassination, it remains to be seen who gave the order to kill Hariri, the newspaper said.

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