Bassil: Lebanon's Existence Threatened by Syrian Refugees

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil noted on Wednesday that Lebanon has suffered the most from the repercussions of the Syrian crisis, most notably with the flow of refugees.

He said during the 17th meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Algeria: “Lebanon's existence and identity are at risk as a result of the influx of refugees.”

“Lebanon has showed unprecedented hospitality towards the displaced,” he added.

This support has only been met with empty promises from the international community that said it would assist Lebanon in its mission, continued Bassil.

The large number of refugees has prompted the government to implement a plan to halt their flow and return them to Syria, explained the minister.

The remaining displaced will be harbored at housing zones within Syria or near the Lebanese-Syrian border, he stated.

The government on Friday formed a ministerial cell to follow up on the refugees' conditions and adopt procedures to deal with the influx of Syrians in cooperation with concerned administrative bodies.

The Foreign Ministry was also tasked with seeking to establish safe refugee camps inside Syria or in the border region between both countries, in cooperation with concerned parties.

The UNHCR's periodic report revealed on Monday that the number of Syrians who fled the war-torn neighboring country has reached 1,058,088, in addition to 11,000 who crossed into the country in the past week.

The United Nations has called for gathering USD 1,89 billion to support Lebanon in dealing with the refugee crisis in 2014, but has only received USD 242 million of the total amount.



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