23 Arrested in Tripoli for Celebratory Gunfire

A number of people were arrested on Wednesday in the northern city of Tripoli for firing gunshots and grenades to celebrate the re-election of Syrian President Bashar Assad, announced the army in a statement on Thursday.

It said that a total of 23 suspects were arrested.

It identified one of the suspects as Mahmoud al-Masri, who fired a rocket-propelled grenade towards the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood.

The remaining 22 people, including a Syrian, were detained for firing celebratory gunshots in the Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen neighborhoods.

They were also charged with driving motorcycles without proper licenses and resisting arrest.

Supporters of Assad opened fire in the air in the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood following news of his re-election on Wednesday.

The army carried out raids in the area to arrest the suspects.

LBCI television reported on Wednesday that tensions were high on Tripoli's Syria Street following the celebrations.



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