Mount Lebanon Prosecutor Probes Alleged Lassa Construction Violations

The Mount Lebanon Prosecutor launched on Friday an investigation into alleged construction violations committed in a predominantly Shiite town in Jbeil district.

The state-run National News Agency said Judge Claude Karam launched his probe into allegations that residents began constructing a building on a property claimed by the Maronite church in Lassa.

Karam began hearing witness testimonies to investigate the nature of the alleged violations and the persons behind them pending an appropriate decision on the matter, NNA added.

The Internal Security Forces stopped a Lassa resident on Thursday from continuing construction work on the land parcel which is claimed by the Maronite bishopric of Sarba.

And on Friday, the Prosecutor's office ordered the construction be demolished after reportedly several residents built a ceiling rather than waiting for a judicial decision on the ownership of the property.

The residents of Lassa have in the past been caught in a land dispute with the church.

Anti-Hizbullah officials accuse the party of allowing the residents to build on church land and providing a cover for the property violators.



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