Israel's U.N. Ambassador Urges 'Antidote' to Fight Hizbullah 'Terrorism'

Israel’s Ambassador to the U.N. Ron Prosor has accused Hizbullah and Iran of launching a campaign of terror against the Jewish State, urging the international community to find an “antidote” to eradicate the virus of terrorism.

“Israelis are the targets of a terror campaign directed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hizbullah,” Prosor told the 94th plenary meeting of the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday.

“Iran’s fingerprints can be seen on attacks from Bulgaria to Kenya to Thailand, where just a few weeks ago, authorities foiled a plan by Hizbullah agents to attack Israeli tourists,” The Jerusalem Post quoted him as saying.

“When our children are not safe in their schools and our families are not safe in malls and museums then we – as an international community – have failed,” he said. “We have failed to stand up to terrorism and failed to fight back the plague that threatens to overrun entire nations.”

Prosor compared terrorism to a “lethal virus,” saying “terrorist groups are determined enemies, adapting and mutating to avoid detection.”

“We must isolate terrorist groups by cutting off their funding and dismantling their networks.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, the diplomat also told the General Assembly that the international community should produce an “antidote to eradicate the virus of terrorism before it eradicates us.”

But Prosor stressed that Israel became a specialist in the field of counter-terrorism out of the persistent need to defend its citizens against terrorist organizations that have continuously threatened the Jewish state since its rebirth 66 years ago.



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