Report: France Asks What Aoun Can Offer as 'President'

French sources raised questions on Friday on what the Free Patriotic Movement Chief Michel Aoun can offer if he was elected as Lebanon’s president, and on the possible guarantees that could be given by Hizbullah in that regard.

France and some of its partners in the region blamed Hizbullah and Iran for obstructing the presidential elections in Lebanon, the pan-Arab al-Hayat daily quoted French sources well informed on the situation in Lebanon.

They added that France considers the method that Iran uses to exert its influence in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria as “highly dangerous”, asserting that Lebanon pays a dear and dangerous price for its influence.

The sources added that any agreement between Mustaqbal leader Saad Hariri and Aoun on bringing the latter to the presidential post should, before any western or Arab approval, mainly guarantee whether Hizbullah and Iran are ready to offer pledges on Lebanon's sovereignty, allow Lebanon to distance itself from Syria's war and on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

According to the French analysis, the issue at hand is not linked to the agreement between Hariri and Aoun on bringing the latter to the post, nor to the French blessing in that regard. It is strongly linked to what Aoun can actually offer and to the guarantees that could be given by Hizbullah.

Aoun said earlier that he is waiting for al-Mustaqbal movement to nominate him or endorse a “new candidate” for the presidency.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea is the sole candidate for March 14 alliance. March 8 camp still has no official candidate.

Parliament has so far failed to elect a new president over differences between the March 8 and 14 alliances.



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