Army Fire at Syrian Jet Raiding Border Region, Hizbullah Seizes Control of Hill near Arsal

Tension prevailed on Friday on the Lebanese-Syrian border near the Arsal plains, where clashes are ongoing between Hizbullah fighters and gunmen in the region.

LBCI television reported that a Syrian MiG aircraft fired three rockets at Arsal's al-Rahweh region on Friday evening.

"The Lebanese army then opened fire at the aircraft,” LBCI noted.

“Syrian military aircraft bombed the Wadi al-Zamarani, al-Ajram and al-Rahweh regions (in Arsal),” the state-run National News Agency detailed, noting that the jets targeted a convoy of armed men in the region.

Meanwhile, OTV said the Hizbullah fighters have seized control of the highest hill that separates Arsal's outskirts from Syria.

The NNA reported that several wounded Syrians were admitted to Arsal's field hospital, after they had been injured in the border clashes.

It identified them as Mohammed Omran Bakour, Mohammed Hussein Amoun and Safwan Mohammed al-Zein.

Many Hizbullah fighters have recently died in the renewed clashes against Syrian rebels on several fighting fronts in al-Qalamoun villages, as the Syrian regime claims that it is bombing the Arsal plains “to prevent terrorists' infiltration.”



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