Qahwaji ahead of Army Day: Military Ready to Protect South, Deploy to Confront Israel

Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji stressed on Saturday the military's readiness to protect Lebanon against local and foreign threats.

He emphasized ahead of Army Day that the army is prepared to protect Lebanon's southern border and deploy to confront Israel.

Army Day falls on August 1.

Qahwaji added that the dangerousness of the situation requires diligence in order to preserve the role of the army and protect Lebanon's “unique identity.”

He also called on officers to remain “loyal to the nation and avoid getting embroiled in sectarian disputes.”

Furthermore, he hailed the implementation of the security plan adopted in April in the northern city of Tripoli, saying that it helped restore calm and stability there.

The plan, carried out by the army and security forces, is aimed at cracking down on armed groups and gunmen that have created instability in Tripoli in recent years.

Dozens of suspects have been arrested, while others remain at large.

A similar plan was adopted in the eastern Bekaa region, while another one will be carried out in Beirut.

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