Geagea: Presidential Elections Will Be Staged as Soon as Aoun Changes his Stance

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea condemned on Tuesday the failure to elect a president for the tenth time after the lack of quorum at parliament, holding the March 8 camp responsible for it.

He said during a press conference: “The elections will be held as soon as MP Michel Aoun alters his position on the polls.”

He accused the March 8 alliance of seeking to “impose Aoun's election as president.”

“The other camp is not allowing us any other option to end the deadlock,” lamented Geagea, who is a presidential candidate.

“The postponement of the polls is a major crime against Lebanon and the highest Christian post in the country, especially given the regional developments,” he added.

Speaker Nabih Berri postponed for the tenth time the election of a president following a lack of quorum caused by a boycott of the March 8 camp's Loyalty to the Resistance and Change and Reform blocs.

The dispute stems from the political blocs' failure to agree on a consensual candidate.

Aoun has yet to announce his candidacy, saying he will once there is consensus over him.

The eleventh presidential elections session has been scheduled for September 2.



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