Tripoli Municipality Chief Assures Holding Onto Coexistence: No Religious Motives behind Removing Beer Ads

Tripoli municipality chief Nader Ghazal assured on Thursday that no “religious reasons” were behind removing beer ads in the northern city, explaining that this was instead due to legal violations committed by advertising companies.

Ghazal's declaration came during a visit to Kataeb Party MP Sami Gemayel, accompanied by Tripoli MP Samer Saade.

"I have requested a meeting with Gemayel to explain to him the controversy over the beer ads,” he said.

"There are no political or religious reasons behind the decision to remove the advertisements,” he assured, stressing his keenness on religious coexistence in the city.

He elaborated: “The municipality's decision was taken against advertisers who violated licenses given to them.”

Gemayel, meanwhile, hailed Ghazal's visit and expressed that “dialogue is the only mean to protect Tripoli's religious diversity.”

"Tripoli is characterized with pluralism and embraces people of all sects. It is the capital of all communities in northern Lebanon,” he said.

"It is necessary to preserve freedoms and pluralism in Lebanon,” he announced.

The decision to remove several beer ads in Tripoli was met with a wave of criticism and condemnation by politicians and activists.

Despite the northern city's conservative nature, selling and drinking alcohol is permissible in Tripoli as restaurants and supermarkets continue to sell beer and other alcoholic beverages.


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