Qassem Urges Dialogue to Resolve Crisis: March 14 Must Not Justify Takfiris' Actions

Deputy Hizbullah Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem criticized the kidnappings of Lebanese nationals in an attempt to pressure the release of soldiers held by Islamists, saying that the people should not adopt the path followed by terrorists, reported As Safir newspaper on Tuesday.

He stressed that dialogue and resolving pending disputes will ease the tensions, calling on the March 14 alliance “to stop justifying the actions of the takfiris, who do not recognize anyone and even betray those protecting them.”

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the al-Nusra Front groups pose a major threat to Lebanon, he warned.

“This danger does not mean that the takfiris can achieve their goals, especially if they are confronted in the proper manner,” Qassem added.

He called for a “brave” approach to resolve the situation in the northeastern town of Arsal, “which should end with the release of the security personnel.”

The right choice lies in having the political powers tackle issues objectively and without spite, he stated.

The Hizbullah official demanded a halt to media tensions that “will not yield any results.”

“The only option lies in acknowledging that Lebanon is a diverse country that can only be governed through understanding among its sons,” Qassem remarked.

“No force in Lebanon has the power to isolate the other,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, a security source told As Safir that security agencies have recently intensified their measures in various Lebanese regions.

“Some security accomplishments have been achieved and a number of suspects linked to terrorist groups have been arrested,” he revealed.

“This therefore does not justify the assaults against Syrian refugees or treating them as terrorists,” he added.

The case of Syrian refugees has become a major burden on Lebanon and the political powers must tackle it responsibly and immediately, said the source.

This problem should be solved through coordination between Lebanon and Syria, he stressed.

The kidnap and murder of Lebanese security forces by jihadists from Syria has sparked new tensions in Lebanon, including a backlash against Syrian refugees and a string of sectarian kidnappings.

The hostage crisis and beheadings have inflamed tensions in Lebanon, which is hosting more than 1.1 million Syrian refugees, and where tensions were already soaring over the four-year conflict in Syria.

There has been growing resentment by the Lebanese people against the refugees given the recent developments in the country, most notably the abduction of a number of soldiers and policemen by Islamists from the northeastern town of Arsal in August.

Amid the rise in tensions, the authorities have appealed for calm, calling on the Lebanese to refrain from revenge attacks.



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