Lebanon, Denmark Discuss Anti-IS Cooperation

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil met on Wednesday with his visiting Danish counterpart Martin Lidegaard who is in the region to strengthen cooperation against Islamic State extremists.

Bassil told reporters that he stressed during their meeting “the importance of building an international united front to face the spread of terrorist groups in the region.”

“This dire reality puts our internal stability at risk. No one will be immune to the drastic changes happening in the Middle East,” said Bassil during a joint press conference with Lidegaard.

On the Syrian refugees, the FM said: “The burden carried by Lebanon has gone beyond our bearing capacity. The existence of our country is now at threat.”

Bassil warned that the threat posed by extremists in Lebanon and the region “will soon be knocking at Europe’s door."

He reiterated the call for the support of the Lebanese army and security forces through the timely provision of material and weapons based on their needs.

Lidegaard said the international community is aware of the problems that Lebanon is suffering from.

He stressed that the country is committed to providing assistance to Lebanon.

The minster added it was up to Denmark to stop the travel of extremists to the region.

Lidegaard said last week that Denmark was ready to join a coalition to fight the extremists in Iraq and Syria as suggested by U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Islamic State, an extremist group, has gained prominence in recent months, declaring an Islamic "caliphate" in regions under its control in Iraq and Syria.

The IS and al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front also overran the Lebanese northeastern border town of Arsal last month, killing and kidnapping several soldiers.

The extremists have beheaded two of them.



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