Berri Heads to Geneva, May Meet Hariri, al-Rahi in Rome

Speaker Nabih Berri traveled to Geneva to attend a parliamentary conference as media reports said Sunday he may make a stop in Italy to hold talks with Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri and Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.

The daily An Nahar said that the speaker is set to return to Lebanon on Friday and may travel to Rome, which Hariri and al-Rahi are currently visiting.

The two officials are expected to meet on Monday.

Berri said upon his arrival in Switzerland that the Lebanese powers should unite in confronting terrorism and support the army in its battle against it.

The speaker is attending the 131st International Parliamentary Union Assembly.

On Saturday, Berri had expressed his concern over the presence of gunmen from Syria in the northeastern region of Arsal and the security incidents taking place along the eastern mountain range, reported the Kuwaiti al-Anba daily Sunday.

His visitors quoted him as saying that the gunmen “cannot achieve much there as long as the Lebanese people maintain their national unity.”

Lawmakers are facing an historic responsibility to prevent an escalation in the situation given the tensions in the country, he added.

Several shells have been fired in recent months from the eastern mountain range.

The shelling is part of the ongoing conflict in Syria whereby rebel groups have targeted Hizbullah positions in the range.

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