Qassem Says 'Snow, IS, Nusra' Can't Affect Hizbullah Fighters on Border

Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem on Friday emphasized that his party's situation is “solid” on Lebanon's southern and eastern borders, stressing that it “cannot be shaken by storms, snow, ISIL or al-Nusra” Front.

“I do not at all fear this 'noise' that is called ISIL (Islamic State group) or al-Nusra or anyone who follows them, and the reason is that they do not represent Islam in any way whatsoever,” Qassem said during an educational ceremony.

Eleven Hizbullah fighters were killed around two weeks ago when Syrian militants attacked the group's posts along the Eastern Mountain Range on the Lebanese-Syrian border. But the party regained the initiative, according to media reports, and launched counter-attacks in the mountainous region of Syria's Qalamun.

The unprecedented border battles have prompted Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to visit his group's fighters in person in an apparent show of force aimed at boosting the fighters' morale.

“We are convinced that the situations are hard and complicated in the region and there won't be solutions for years,” Qassem acknowledged.

But “to those who want to know our situations on Lebanon's eastern and southern borders, we say that our situation is very solid and cannot be shaken by storms, snow, the ISIL or al-Nusra,” Hizbullah number two reassured.

“This is a war and war requires men, and we have the men,” Qassem underlined.

“The same as we made one achievement after another, we will continue this path and we're not worried or afraid,” the Hizbullah leader stressed.

Referring to the rival March 14 camp, Qassem added: “Nowadays, when certain voices launch accusations and try to pin the blame on us, we don't respond or argue with them because we believe that they are screaming because of their defeats.”

“The other camp does not have the ability to engage in dialogue during this period because foreign dictates are preventing this dialogue,” Qassem charged, while noting that Hizbullah “extends its hand to discuss the issues that can be resolved, such as some social and economic affairs and administrative appointments.”


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