Announcing the 6 Finalists of Bader Startup Cup

The Startup Cup, Bader’s 6 month competition, is reaching the final stages of its 2014 edition. As a reminder, and after receiving hundreds of applications in May 2014, Bader and a team of highly qualified judges carefully chose the 15 most innovative startups to compete for the cup.

These startups went through various sessions of mentorship and training over a period of 4 months to help grow their businesses and their skills, and got the chance to attend many helpful workshops organized by Bader.

On Monday, and after evaluating the progress made throughout the period, Bader chose 6 finalists to proceed to the final round. That round will see the top 6 pitch in front of a high profile panel of experts and investors. Following that, the judges’ grades will get added to Bader’s 4 months assessment, to decide who will take home the 3rd, the 2nd, and the 1st prize.

The finalists are competing for a chance to win over 100,000,000 LBP worth of cash and in-kind prizes. Bader’s President and MP Mr. Robert Fadel will be announcing the winners during Bader’s flagship event Networking 961 on Tuesday November 18, which also acts as the official opening of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014.

Here are the finalists of the Bader Startup Cup:

Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential is a Gourmet catering company that is transforming “Fast Food”, pastries and desserts into their healthy but tasty version. The end products are made with the finest organic and natural ingredients, and free of: Gluten, Refined sugar, GMOs, Trans-fat, Aspartame, Additives, Preservatives, Antibiotics, Taste enhancers (MSG, etc…), Soy and Oat. The products can be customizable to meet the needs of clients with intolerance to specific ingredients.


Ki is a revolutionary solution that eliminates the need for usernames and passwords. Their USB device will securely log you into all of your accounts. You no longer have to remember your usernames and passwords, Ki will do it for you. By creating this product, and making it an “out of the box” readily available to use by all, Ki is paving the way for a fast, efficient and secure automated user identification and login experience.

BlackBox by PurpleGlo

BlackBox is an Instagram, and recently Twitter, photo booth that automatically prints photos uploaded with a certain brand or event hashtag. It is an effective social advertising mechanism since it is being promoted by attendees and people rather than by the brand itself. BlackBox is filling the need to be featured and to trend naturally on social media through a medium of emphasized photos.


The absence of reliable traffic real-time data for people in Lebanon implies that there’s a problem that needs to be solved. The answer to this problem is a mobile app, called “Tari’ak” (Arabic طريقك), that people use to learn about traffic conditions. The data in the app comes from all its users who are passively contributing traffic data. For businesses such as media and enterprises, Tari’ak offers real-time data no one else has.

Energy 24

Energy24 introduced a new technology in Lebanon: “Energy Storage Technology” or “ESS” allowing the storage of large amounts of electric energy into a new type of battery to power residential, commercial or industrial loads during long power outages. By storing the electricity produced by EDL instead of burning diesel, it is possible to achieve up to 75% savings while avoiding the pollution and the unstable power supply of generators.


Plaze is the go-to product for trip planning. It is a mobile app that lets users choose a destination, get personally recommended sites and get automatically generated schedules over the duration of their trip. Plaze is also a great tool for hotels, restaurants and businesses to advertise and target users demographically and geographically. Plaze can be used before, during and after the trip for planning, viewing, and sharing it with family, friends and the world respectively.

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