Geagea Holds Talks with Hariri on 'Pacification, Speedy Election of President'

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea held talks Tuesday with al-Mustaqbal movement leader MP Saad Hariri as part of his visit to Saudi Arabia.

A statement issued by Hariri's office said the two men met in Riyadh and discussed the current situations in Lebanon and the region.

“The two parties stressed the importance of pacifying the political atmosphere and preserving security and stability,” said the statement.

They also underlined the need to “continue consultations and discussions aimed at overcoming the current political crisis and electing a president as soon as possible.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Geagea held talks with Prince Khaled bin Bandar, head of the Saudi General Intelligence department.

Discussions tackled the general political situations in Lebanon and the region, according to Geagea's press office.

Geagea also met on Tuesday with Saudi National Guard Minister Prince Miteb bin Abdullah. They held “extensive talks on the issue of fighting terrorism and the need to confront this phenomenon in the Arab world by all parties,” the press office said.

The LF leader had arrived in the Gulf kingdom on Sunday.

“No one can claim to be Christian and working for the sake of Christians as they simultaneously paralyze the presidential post. No one can claim to be a resistance as they obstruct the presidential elections,” Geagea said Sunday in a meeting with Lebanese expats, in an apparent reference to Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun and Hizbullah.

“To reach a solution, we must all go to parliament and elect a president and congratulate him or we – Christian parties and all the Lebanese – can find an agreement over a consensual president in order to prevent all forces from interfering in our presidential vote,” Geagea added.

FPM chief Aoun is still the candidate of the March 8 camp in the face of Geagea, the nominee of the March 14 forces.

Political differences and the rivalry between the two men have led to a lack of quorum in 16 electoral sessions in parliament, amid a boycott by the MPs of Aoun and Hizbullah.

The presidential seat has been vacant since president Michel Suleiman's term ended on May 25.


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